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Some IE9 users unable to log in to a folder which is htpasswd protected

  • Of 7 IE9 users, 4 can't log in, 3 can
  • The username and password are both composed only of letters and numbers
  • The same version number for IE9 is present across the can/can't group
  • Caching is excluded as cause as 6 of the test group were first-time users
  • Directly accessing the file instead of the folder does not help
  • .htpasswd format has been tried as crypt and MD5, without difference
  • The page in question is set to no-cache with an expiry time in the past
  • The same user that cannot log in to folder A, can log in to folder B (with different credentials)
// in the context;
// in the model/service
public var assetRequestSignal:AssetRequestSignal;
function setUp():void
# This has been modified from
# I found that the official instructions caused errors relating to the non-existence of libpng
# Worked on MacbookPro5,1 and OS X 10.6.8
cd /usr
# Check there is an entry called X11 - if not, X11 needs to be installed from disk before proceeding.
* User: tom
* Date: 14/05/12
* Time: 14:46
package {
import org.osflash.signals.Signal;
import flash.utils.Timer;
import flash.display.DisplayObject;
import org.osflash.signals.Signal;
public class ResourcePromise implements IPromise, IResourcePromise
protected var _result:DisplayObject;
protected var _errorMessage:String;
protected var _loaded:Signal = new Signal(DisplayObject);
requiredUsers = new UserDataVOFilter(allUsers)
* Copyright (c) 2009 the original author or authors
* Permission is hereby granted to use, modify, and distribute this file
* in accordance with the terms of the license agreement accompanying it.
package org.robotlegs.mvcs
import flash.display.DisplayObjectContainer;
function mapValue(whenAskedFor:Class, useValue:Object, named:String = ""):*;
function unmap(clazz:Class, named:String = ""):void;
protected function mapSignalValues(valueClasses:Array, valueObjects:Array):void {
for (var i:uint = 0; i < valueClasses.length; i++) {
injector.mapValue(valueClasses[i], valueObjects[i]);
protected function unmapSignalValues(valueClasses:Array, valueObjects:Array):void {
for (var i:uint = 0; i < valueClasses.length; i++) {
injector.unmap(valueClasses[i], valueObjects[i]);
public function signal_values_no_longer_persist_from_one_to_the_next():void
var propOne:TestCommandProperty = new TestCommandProperty();
var propTwo:TestCommandProperty2 = new TestCommandProperty2();
signalCommandMap.mapSignal(onePropSignal, TestOnePropertyCommand);
var secondPropSignal:TestCommandProperty2Signal = new TestCommandProperty2Signal();
// this command requires the values dispatched by both signals