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dbaSecurityScanBasics - blog post 29/03/2020
Import-module DssSecurityScan
--Create config and test against a new database
$config = New-DssConfig -SqlInstance server1\sql2017 -Database oldProd
Invoke-DssTest -SqlInstance server2\sql2019 -Database newProd -Config $config
--Save a config, and then use it audit after a change
New-DssConfig -SqlInstance server1\sql2017 -Database oldProd -ConfigPath ~/git/dbSourceControl/permissions.json
Start-Sleep -Seconds 10080
$config = ConvertFrom-Json -InputObject (Get-Content ~/git/dbSourceControl/permissions.json -raw)
Invoke-DssTest -SqlInstance server2\sql2019 -Database newProd -Config $config
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