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Last active November 24, 2017 07:49
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$Backups = Get-DbaBackupInformation -sqlinstance localhost\sqlexpress2016 -Path C:\dbatools\RestoreTimeClean
$Backups += Get-DbaBackupInformation -sqlinstance localhost\sqlexpress2016 -Path C:\dbatools\RestoreTimeDiffStripe
$BackupSelection = $Backups | Select-DbaBackupInformation
$BackupSelection | Format-DbaBackupInformation
$basedir = "C:\some\path\of\yourchoosing\"
$BackupSelection | Foreach-Object {
ForEach ($file in $_.FileList){
$t = []$File.PhysicalName
$type = switch($file.Type){'D'{'Data'} 'L'{'Log'}}
$File.PhysicalName = [io.path]::combine($basedir,$_.Database+"_"+$type,$t.Name)
$BackupSelection | Test-DbaBackupInformation -SqlInstance localhost\developer2016
$BackupSelection | Invoke-DbaAdvancedRestore -sqlinstance localhost\developer2016
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