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Python Particle Swarm Optimization
# Portfolio optimization using particle swarm optimization article - PSO bare bones code
import random
w = 0.729844 # Inertia weight to prevent velocities becoming too large
c1 = 1.496180 # Scaling co-efficient on the social component
c2 = 1.496180 # Scaling co-efficient on the cognitive component
dimension = 20 # Size of the problem
iterations = 3000
swarmSize = 30
# This class contains the code of the Particles in the swarm
class Particle:
velocity = []
pos = []
pBest = []
def __init__(self):
for i in range(dimension):
self.velocity.append(0.01 * random.random())
def updatePositions(self):
for i in range(dimension):
self.pos[i] = self.pos[i] + self.velocity[i]
def updateVelocities(self, gBest):
for i in range(dimension):
r1 = random.random()
r2 = random.random()
social = c1 * r1 * (gBest[i] - self.pos[i])
cognitive = c2 * r2 * (self.pBest[i] - self.pos[i])
self.velocity[i] = (w * self.velocity[i]) + social + cognitive
def satisfyConstraints(self):
#This is where constraints are satisfied
# This class contains the particle swarm optimization algorithm
class ParticleSwarmOptimizer:
solution = []
swarm = []
def __init__(self):
for h in range(swarmSize):
particle = Particle()
def optimize(self):
for i in range(iterations):
print "iteration ", i
#Get the global best particle
gBest = self.swarm[0]
for j in range(swarmSize):
pBest = self.swarm[j].pBest
if self.f(pBest) > self.f(gBest):
gBest = pBest
solution = gBest
#Update position of each paricle
for k in range(swarmSize):
#Update the personal best positions
for l in range(swarmSize):
pBest = self.swarm[l].pBest
if self.f(self.swarm[l]) > self.f(pBest):
self.swarm[l].pBest = self.swarm[l].pos
return solution
def f(self, solution):
#This is where the metaheuristic is defined
return random.random()
def main():
pso = ParticleSwarmOptimizer()
if __name__ =='__main__':

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gypsyguy commented Jun 23, 2015

Sorry to bother you but do you know anything about the proxmark3


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PFTatTvamAsiSteveJobsPADF commented May 17, 2018

Brilliant work, Stuart. Thank you very much. ~~ S_ology PADF.

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