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import math
import numpy
import random
import decimal
import scipy.linalg
import numpy.random as nrand
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
Note that this Gist uses the Model Parameters class found here -
def brownian_motion_log_returns(param):
This method returns a Wiener process. The Wiener process is also called Brownian motion. For more information
about the Wiener process check out the Wikipedia page:
:param param: the model parameters object
:return: brownian motion log returns
sqrt_delta_sigma = math.sqrt(param.all_delta) * param.all_sigma
return nrand.normal(loc=0, scale=sqrt_delta_sigma, size=param.all_time)
def brownian_motion_levels(param):
Returns a price sequence whose returns evolve according to a brownian motion
:param param: model parameters object
:return: returns a price sequence which follows a brownian motion
return convert_to_prices(param, brownian_motion_log_returns(param))
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