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Last active August 7, 2022 12:33
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My Perfect (G)UI Random Thoughts
Perfect UI has context
Middle is what I'm doing, surroundings change dynamically
Recently read that somebody wanted middle of their code editor be edit and
surroundings display usage, libraries, source of the code use
Why would I want "a browser" be a real separate window/application, if it
could be just a scalable/dragdrop component around my editing things
I want to be programming, browsing, editing, dashboard, GUI all one thing like
in Smalltalk
I want to live add useful things easily - similar to a new Photoshop palette
or workbench where I can arrange easily what I need for this specific thing
I'm doing
I think in "projects" and not applications, I want to be able to pop up a
project (e.g. a web app which consists of UI, browsing, style, middleware in
language X and a database
I want easy dashboard everywhere why isn't stuff like a node exporter and
equivalent default for anything and everything (will opentelemetry help??) so
I could make three dashboardy tiles on my desktop
I don't want "metaphors", I want context & environment. It's a difference if I
sit in my living room or on the couch at my partner's parents.
I want perfect font rendering and super stylish with all bells and whistles,
physics engine, bouncy behavior for GUI and textual CLIs because why not
I love how you can click in Smalltalk any part of the environment into an edit
mode and change it
Why isn't auto-save connected to autom-commit so that a git push is more a
final rebase or something but in the meantime a simple change when things are
saved could save-commit and push right away so it's backed up
Awesome GUIs/textual interfaces recently:, smalltalks,,
windows metro
I want behavior and shiny but I hate when my interfaces are "nervous" - visual
studios autocomplete and popup window somehow just isn't "it" yet
SciFi movies have awesome interfaces, my favourite is felicity hickson's UIs
e.g. in the martian
also here extensive shit about Alien's typography:
My interface is a mix of dashboard, information display, editing things,
communication center and ... cool.
I never worked with Windows or Mac, so I don't care for desktop metaphors and
I hate skeuomorphic UI
I liked windows metro because it's sparse, flat, elegant and grown-up.
HyperCard was awesome, I've tried the orginal on an old Mac, this is pretty
close together with Smalltalk what I think an environment should give me
Why is window manager, GUI, application, code editor even different things??
D3.js is awesome, I want lots of cool charts and plots and what nots in Susi's
Shiny Super-UI, everything is data and should emit telemetry and be able to
Databases are awesome how they expose information from their insides with the
methods of the database itself like you query the size of the table with the
same SQL why doesn't this work with everything else exactly like this?
Everything needs to be keyboardable
Telemetry, inventories, text, tags, grouping mechanisms, deriving data, visualizing it,
creating context sure why not why should my UI function like "people who clicked here
also opened this file and that file" I forget so many things where I put them
Great textual interfaces once I'm actually editing something or for lots of debug and systems
information I like textual interfaces (Go doing some nice stuff see Charmbracelet
Typography I want a bunch of great fonts with all fancy nonsense if I want it
Non-Rectangular shapes, crisp
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