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Last active Sep 21, 2021
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Last updated 9/20/21 @ 10:18 PM PT
The End Of An Identity
Punishment Fit For A Worm
Rainbow Reptiles
Another Day, Another Dollar, Another Drink
Roller Skating Summer
maybe its u
Death to Life
Lab Coat Baby
My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
Jumping On A Purple Trampoline
Jungle Gym Friendship
Laughing Gas
Prismatic Curtain
Turtle Love
Tapes & Money
This Is Not a Complicated Song
Munich Jam
Japan is a Land of Dreams
The Last Call (for Alcohol)
Hell Was Full
Icy Blue
Could've Been, Would've Been
Loose Ends and Dead Ends
Kiss My Asterisk
Shake That Bush
Toxic Apple
int x
Instant Karma
Money Honey
Two Blue Hours
Memory Of A Blue Bird
I'm a Fan of Your Pants
Was I Ever Really Real?
Reasons To Hate Me
I Was a Teenage Zombie
The Penultimate Word
Where Else Could I Go
Jump Off That Train
Mempool N Stuff
i'll show u how
The Well Of Secrets
The Magic of Comic-Con
In The Garden
The Dark Clouds Of Passion
Adios Loser
Final Fantasy Dance Party
I Don't Know, Let's Ask Twitter
Dinosaur In My Pajamas
The Last Buffalo on Earth
You Made Me Feel
Chrome Crashed Tonight
Split the Difference
Count To Ten And Fall Asleep
You Make Everything Better
Hasta Manana
My Nigerian Girlfriend
The Saddest Story
Is It Friday Yet?
Romeo Lost
Losing My Tears
Everything's An Illusion
Perfect at Every Angle
Shirts for Space Pirates
Collard Greens & Cornbread
Don't Delete The Kisses
Sitting On Mars
Midnight in Robotville
You Didn't Get My Text
Snow White is Dead
Thot Blockers
Solitary Man
The Way You Wobble
ur my heartbeat
Ragtime Bear
where r u
Be the Moment
The Unluckiest Man I Ever Saw
Brush My Teeth for Me
Citrus Poppy
Halloween with a Moose
Metamorphosis Montage
F*ck Buddy
Sleep Deprived, Still Dreaming...
The Truth Is No Words
Hardest Way To Make A Living
Godspeed Or Goodbye
I Could Never Be Your Friend
Cinema Snob
Live To Tell
Sunset Strip
Colony Collapse
The End of the Movie
Chill Cosby
An Entire Time Zone Is Missing
No, You Shut Up
Jackass 1.0
Shut The F@#$ Up About Politics
The Level Of Positivity Is Alarming
Crying In My Spaceship
Three-Foot Long Limousine
Freshly Baked Milquetoast
Escape Velocity
never 2 sure
Friday Night Antics
Hand Painted Bridge
Sunny Day, Soapy Bath
Intergalactic Dodgeball
Up and Falling
The Rest Is Noise
Alexandrian Autumn
Deja Vu to the Future
Sparkle-Hearted Girl
Fish Kisses Are Sweeter Than Boy Kisses
Hooking Up With 50 Cent
Silent Machine
Wake Up, Time to Mow the Lawn
Ugandan Knuckles
Vibrant Watercolor
i see u in my dreams
U Don't Know Me
the one u turn 2
The Softest Hand
Fool Us Once
Ode To The Assholes Who Disagree With Me On The Internet
The Ruse
The Boy With Face Painting
Unknown Coordinates
Spaced Out
Liquefaction Of The Collective Consciousness
A Dream Of Vultures
Save U
Lookin' Through The Windows
I'm Goin' To Mars
There's a Hole where My Teeth Were
Barely-Fallen Snow
Keyboard Hookers
I Bet You Noticed Every Time I Shook Hands With The Devil
Lonely Birthday Boy
Punching In Your Phone Number At A Karaoke Bar
You Know What's Bullshit?
Ghost Bed
Blues Swallowed By Red
You Chose A Fine Time To Leave Me
Champagne Starlight
The World We Knew
Piano Ballad Outtake
Inflatable Squirrel Airplanes
Yellow Elegy
Now I'm Peeling Potatoes
Super Thot
last night a DJ saved my life
Distracting A Wax Statue
Sorry To Bother You
Pumpkin Spice Zombies
There Is No Point In Trying To Change Me
Cool Reason
20 Ft. Tall
Nada Aléjate de Mi
i loved you first
We're So Happy You're Happy
Love The Person I've Become
I Am Vitalik
shiny happy people
12 to the Moon
i need u 2morrow
Love Me, Please
The Quiet Massacre Of The Innocents
How Hard It Is To Find A Word That Means Something
Let Down Your Hair
u cant notice me
The Space Between The Trees
Sushi Takeout at 3am
Play For Keeps
America The Beautiful
Yeast Infection On The Dance Floor
Keep It Around
Swamp Donkey
Moonlit Garden
Crowdsourcing Is The New Black
Ad Infinitum
Electric Soul Searchlight
Green Tea Octopus
Sleeping Cats of Tokyo
The Season Of Dedication
Crying In A Cornfield
We All Are
Magical Melonhead
Hot Pickled Herring
There Is No Before or After
My Heart Is A Universe
Human Error
Angry Angels
You're So Cold, I'm So Hot
Funeral Cherry
Sky Is Falling
Effective Immediately
Trash Bags on a Car
Ransom Note
The Night the Sun Turned Green
Popeye's Pillz
Ninja Bunnies Don't Wear Underpants
White Chocolate
Love Sick
The Story of Sam
All Rights Reversed
Jesus Birthday Cake
Chicken Run
If You Could Only See Me
A Million Tiny Cracks
Instruments Of Mercy
Purple Sticky Bubbles
Never Ask a Dinosaur
Shimmering Texture
Premature Autopsy
I'm Not A Doctor But I'll Play One On TV
Rap Secret Police
High Heels In The Pool
Mars Bars
Phantom Limb Syndrome
Animosity In Arms
Lucky Star
Middle Of The Cake
Pimp on the Party
i know u think im crazy
Cryptopunk Thot Thief
Two Of A Kind, Just Like Everything
Cat In The Wall
Raindrops on my metal
Roll The Dice
Chopsticks in the Courtyard
Tear-Streaked Jeans
i love me some me
Whiskey Is The New Gatorade
Pluto's Got Talent
Nimble Muffin
Daydream Systems
Recurring Dream
A Grand Design
Periodic Table Desserts
Eggplant Nachos
Ego Trip
See Me
Don't Look at Me Like That
just u and me til the turn of the century
To Whip The King's Men
Yawning Without Yawning
Helmet Of Bees
Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing
Intellectual Property
Under the Night Sky
Angels All Look The Same When They Go Down On You
Cherry Chapstick
Sit Down. Stand Up
Insanity You Can Deduct From Your Taxes
Might Be a Porn Star
P.E. Squad
The Bone Zone
By the Time I Get to Arizona
Seven Days
A Cat's Viscera
Exit Music
Starry, Starry Night
The A&R Team Shot Me Down
Raindrops On Roses
Surprise, Surprise, I Like You
Am I On The List?
Diplomatic Immunity
Tryin To Get A Number
All I Do Is Make Mistakes
Lucky Numbers
Runway Rich Boy
Crystal Candy, So Sweet
Pinocchio Gets on the Phone
Not Losin' My Mind
Suburban King Numbers
Pyrrhic Victory
Mesmerizing Finger Painting
If You Can Imagine This, You Can Imaginary
Skinny Chested Betas
I Would Never Be Famous
Snake Oil And Holy Water
Punchline To A Joke
Wish Upon A Blackstar
Peanut Butter Falcon
You’ll Never Walk Alone
Free Adderall
Promises & Puppies
I'm Okay, I Promise
Live With Me
Freeze Tag With a Polar Bear
Amazon Prime Day
Trump's Coming! (Not)
3 PBRs and a Coke
Mockingbird Girl
Stall and Block
Thinkin With My Penis
Twitter Sixpack
Suit-Wearing Dinosaur
maybe i should apologize
Of All The Things We've Made
Push The Button, You'll Be Happy
Fiji Water
Lazy Boy, Dank Boy
wherever u r now
Holographic Codex
End of the Rainbow
The Syringe Hymn
Oh Noah
Knock Knock
The Adventure is Over
I Get High
2 Girls 1 Cupcake
Geth Is For Everyone
My Superhero Dream
The Broken Echoes
No More Butter Chicken For Me
The Entities Are Listening
The Patient
Pokerface In Memoriam
A Dark Understanding
Lonely Motel Barking
Another Hemisphere
I'm The Best You've Got
Pink Pebbles
It's Okay, I'm a Machine
Heartbroken in the city
Come and Knock on Me
Christmas In L.A.
White Peach Iced Tea
Bad Dance Moves
Mirror Dust
If You Want to Leave, Leave
Hands Of The Lonely, Touch Of The Dead
Mirrors Make Everything Pretty
The Perfect Disguise
Only Superhuman
Party Hard
The Motown of Space
You're a Six, I'm a Nine
Take a Chance
Step Into My Parlor
Pu Pu Pu Pu Pu Pu Puerto Rico
Authorized Personnel Only
Vampire Optimist
Bobby Was A Bad Boy
Crying In An Airplane
My Baby's Breath In The Darwin Winter
Water Dream
Going Nowhere As Fast As I Can
Epitaph of the Observers
I'm Confused, Won't You Confuse Me Too
So How Much For The Gun?
Don't Expect A Warning
Barely-There Girlfriend
This Is Going to Hurt
All Is Not Quiet On The Eastern Front
If You Can Read This You're Too Close
Pirate Hunting Robot
Mirror Boots
Heart-Shaped Ughs
Six Is Superior
love is a weapon
The Closing Thesis
Sugar-Covered Planet
Contact High
Love Electric
Awkward Pop Song
ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok...
Holding Hands At The Earth's Curve
I'll Never Let You Down
Bandwidth of the Unseen
Corona in the House
Falling In Love With A Sushi Chef
I Think You Scared The Children
The Claw of Zurg
Sweet Killing Swimming Squad
Leroy's Theme
Let's Go Swimming In Space
Cars On Mars
Singing With Our Mouths Wide Open
Punk-Eyed Girl
Superhero Hunger Games
There Are Dead Flies On My Cake
Hashtag Im a Lizard
Grand Theft Medical School
The Mysteries Of M(O)lecules
Market Correction
I Love You With The Door Closed
Ice Cream Dream
Respirator Disco
Melting Tambourines
Told You So
A Dream And A Black Heart
Transparent Worms
Motherfucker's Pearl Necklace
Is That Yo Gun?
All I Know Is Stardust
Alpha, Omega, The End
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub
Stoned Off The Planet
Bambi Meets Godzilla
The Class of 3060
There's a Hole in My Bucket
I Wanna Ride My Bicycle
Theoretical Heartbeat
Ain't She Sweet
Warm-up & Stretch
No More Rainbows
Siri, Call Me An Ambulance
Trading Secrets with the Moon
Mariachi Madness
Alien Heartbreak
Star Control Jump
Karmic Limbo
Torturing The Hangman
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Proof Of Concept
Finesse Thots
i'd rather stay crazy
Pale Blue Eyes
mario is missing
Vicious Rumors
Cute Pink Haired Lawyer
Back 2 Back To Earth
Nursery Crimes
Why Can't This Be Love
Oh, Fudge! I'm in Your Hands
Death To Analog
I See You When I Dream
Hammer and Sickle
teenage superstar
Mega Corp Utopia
Bravo Player One
Between the Sheets
Running Out of Time
Don't Touch Me there I'm Cool
Rain On A Tin Roof
Bad Girl
Tisk Tisk Tisk
The Magician's Apprentice
Liquid Loop
I'm not sure I'm ok
The Holographic Universe
Yuri's Locket
I Can Only Offer You a Salad Bowl and a Nice Drink of Water
Ape Escape
7th Grade Girls
so what if im demanding
The X-Ray Of A Fallen Angel
Buy the Vowels
Blue Haired Boy
A Present From a Parallel Universe
The Rooster Jumped Over The Moon
The Heirs Of The Skeleton
Monkey’s Paw
So Many Questions
Space Pussy
Kill Agile
The Ether Wind
Turn Me Off
Cheese Wrap
sour cherry boy
Mothers, Daughters and Suns
Gotta Have It
I Wrote a Song About Your Car
It's Easy To Be A Star When You Don't Have To Deal With People On A Daily Basis
They Told Me Not To Bother
Future Me Hates Me
Hat-Wearing Turtles
I've Tasted The Blade
Osaka Mon Amour
It Got Lost In The Trees
Lonely Machines In Limbo
Let's Get Together in an Elevator
Tacos And Haircuts
I Hate How Extremely Cute I Am When I Cry
Chemical Plant
imaginary love
Do You Need Some Space?
Identity Theft
We Can Live On This Ducati
Girl on the Billboard
The Clouds Come Over
The Man With The Girl Tattoo
A Bit of Fry and Laurie
I Wanna Meet Every Girl I See
Indecipherable Symbols
Nuclear Dragon Smells Like Crap
The Incorporated Man
Ninety Nine
Marsupial Banana Butt
Super Villain Checklist
Furries Gonna Fur
The Moon Came Down
Flux And Flow
Got To Do It All Again
Bleep Bloop
wash away the pain
You Were Fluffy
i can change
1 Night 2 Days
The Twins Have Awoken
Oops, I Farted Again
Suns Out
The Mechanical Animals
1 Hour Before The World Ends
Propaganda Machine
Peach Fuzz
Molecule Men
Burning Rubber
The Unsent Letter
Lemonade In The Dark
Cautionary Tale
Falling Up
Taco Bell at Midnight
Five Years Alone
Entropy, My Old Friend
Sunset Overdrive
Pretend You're In A Steamboat
Ambient Popsicle
Break Me into Pieces
Car Side Window
Smilin' Through My Dreams
Buggin Out
Filthy Casuals
The Summer Wound
Frog In A Pond
Indebted To The Spirit World
You Got Me All Wrong
Owls On A Bicycle
Wonderful Wiggly Worm
I Really Wish I Didn't Trust You
How Do You Do Know
Painting With Energy
Rupert Murdoch Wept For Hours
It's All in Your Head
ur my only 1
In The Key of Chill
Lonely, Sad, & Pissed
Domination Fantasy
Shattered Vessels
Salsa Louise
When I Grow Up
Be My Love Doctor
when u talk to me
Saving You
I'm Over You
We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands
The Me I Used To Be
The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
Somebody Stop Me
Fuzzy-Haired Boy
Black Jigsaw Puzzles
As Light As Light Gets
Purist Manifesto
Lollipop Grenade
It Always Ends Before It Begins
My Girl Has the Flu
Arranged Marriage
Contagious Fictions
Columns and Pancakes
My Boyfriend Broke Up with Me Because I'm Broke
Impromptu Supermarket Date
Questions With No Answers
Pleiadian Girl
A New Day Is Here
( ˘ ³˘)♥
Silence, Please
Flat Earth Society
4d Chess
I Don't Think So
so i can save u
No Life Outside The Show
Collide With A Cow
Feedback Era
I Wish I Was A Lamp
Project X
Every Single Night
Seeing Your Face
Baby Devon Smells Like A Fart
Clown College Dropout
(Un)True Realities
She's a Freak Magnet
Mysteries Of The Organism
Hello, I'm KIM
Don't Look Back
I Decided I Wanted to Hate You
The Alcohol Didn't Help
Sparkling Teeth
The Cylons Aren't Red, They're White
A Remedy For Paranoia
Solar System Twirler
The Hidden Handshake
The Sound Of Velcro Releasing
Mystery Of The Missing Day
For the Demented
I Am, Ironically, The Truth
Connection Lost
Narcissist In A Bubble
Fabulous Death Machine
I Guess I'll Have To Dream The Rest
Bold and Mighty Space Poet
The Ballast Of The Burden
I Can't Lie, I Just Wanna Watch Cartoons
Lavender Bedroom
Blueberry Hill
Six Degrees of Facebook Separation
Calculator Reactor
Little Box of Joy
Love at first bite
Did You Think This Was It?
Unconscious Limbs
Atomic Eyes
The Violent Delights Have...
Wind Chimes In The Cave
Once Upon A Time There Was You And Me...
i hate small talk
Armchair Activists
I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream
i will protect u
Make America Flat Again
Yesterday's Tomorrow
Not Bad For A Human
The Customer Is Always Wrong
You Won't Tell
The Back of My Mind
Soul Drinker
You're Only Here to Comfort Me
Pervasive Disconnect
Buds In The Wind
Life Is Better When You're High
Skeeter Hype
Popcorn Kisses
The Candy Of War Is Sweet
Punch a Crab on the Beach
Planet of the Cuties
Spontaneous Combustion
90's Kids
You Got What I Wanted
Mars' Anthem
Old People With Young Ideas
Runaway to have Dinner with John Stamos
The Sweetest Dictatorship
Séance Boy
Hot Air Balloon Boy
Hipster Olympics 3000
I'm Not a Fluffy Cloud
The Revolution Will Not Be Encrypted
Leper Messiahs
Blame It On My A.D.D.
Take 2
Kiss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bang
She's Got You High
Bed Of Peonies
Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got)
Two By Four
The World Is Yours
Ghosts of the Past
Postmodern Survivors
Beirut, I'm Stuck
Malibu Butterfly
You Be You
Infinite Chasm
Cow on Mars
Paper Cut
i know what u need 2 hear
So Bipolar
My Sunburned Shirts
Organic Rainbow Tacos
Tiny Bong Hit Song
Deja que Te Cuide
A Regrettable Thud
Beggar's Banquet
When I'm Dappin'
How A Resurrection Really Feels
14 Days of Kale
Seriously, Don't Read The Comments
A Decade Of Delusions
Chronicle of Snow
When You Wish Upon A Stardust
Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend
The Clairvoyant's Tale
Zombie Frog Hoedown
Not In The Face
Hallelujah! (I'm a Bum Again)
I Wanna Be Your Tambourine
Going Back To North Korea Isn't Much Of A Plan B, Pal
God's Monkey
Vinyl Mountain
It's Not You, It's My Basement
Irony Curtain
Happy Ending Simulator
Winchester House
Future Me Is A Tyrant
Cold Is My Co-Pilot
Breaking Down the Boys Club
Nuclear War in Your Pocket
Zebra Notepads
Hot Cocoa Fingers
Nanami Takes the Train
You Can't Take A Photo Of A Ghost
I'm A Bear In A Lady Suit
She's Not As Sweet As She Looks
Evil Villians in my Backyard
You'll Come Back To Me
When You Were Seven
I'm Stuck (in an elevator)
Lightbulb With A Very Bright Idea
Burnt Out Star
God And The Ocean
R2D2 Goes to the Mall
Nakamoto Is My Hero
Too Late to Cry
Freedom to be Stupid
Wave, Wave, Wave
Answers To Questions Never Asked
Shake Off the Dust
One For The Record Books
Minuet for a Moose
Unnatural Phenomena
Vendetta In Verse
Waterbed Sex
Jupiter Gospel
Clever Girl
Walrus Gums
Cheeky Bastard
Blurred Emu
Unicorn Sound Grenade
The Land of the Blind
Garfield Home Companion
Ragnarok Republic
And All Of My Friends Are Terrified Of Me
Gods From The Machine
Giant Tortoise and the Olives
A Mighty Cold Mighty Night
A Bow In My Mind
Two Months
Eye of the Beholder
Golden Ticket
Little Miss Snake Bite
Snare & Delay
The Healing Arts
Martian Girl
Staying In My Bedroom All Day
A Half a Box of Sugar Cubes
Cocaine Moustache
Is It Fair to Say I'm a Luddite?
Omg I'm a Tomboy
all you have to do is smile
Woke Up Like This
Under Maintenance
Developer's Risk
Hatchet Fatalities For Days
I Told You I Was Ill
Penguin Chit Chat
Ultraviolet Light Reflection
Fantastic Hand-Sewing
We Were So Young
i'm here if u need me
Ricochet Rabbit
Eating Cake In The Light Of The Moon
Open House
We Built This Fight On Rotten Ground
Cat With Lots of Heart
Drinking the Kool-Aid
Soul in a Bottle
Bullshit Jobs
Viva La Invasion
I'm Such A Fool
Julio The Chihuahua
We'll Always Have Paris
International House of KiLLL
Every Breath U Take
My Lovestruck Heart
Coin Eat Coin
Clean, Sober, And Cold
We Fall in Love to Lose It All
trust issues
Chocolate Rocket Pop
KGB in the USSA
Hyperrealistic Portrait
Cream Cheese Sandwiches (Jurassic Park Version)
tear drops and drunk nights
No Sanctuary Here
Hope Is Out Of Stock
out of my mind
Cleaning Day on Mars
jealousy is the wish of small minds
Plastic Boombox
You Make Me Feel Alright
The Five Stages of Grief
Invisible Knees
Love + Being Loved
I Smoked A Joint With Ralph Nader
Samurai Bunnies from Hell
Confetti, Petticoats, & Pouffy Sleeves
I Call This Static Age
Meme Hustler
Super Villainy
Beatbox Sesame Street
Carry Me Home
Waves And Rays
Some People Say That I Do Things
Quantum Leap
When It's Gone, It's Gone
Breaking A Clipboard Over My Knee
Lizard Slippers
Gangstas in Robotics
Mermaid in the Mangroves
Sexy Socialite
Dipshit #1
Sapientia Historica
Queen's Speech-Synthesizer
Faraway Eyes
Niche Audience
Kamikaze Love
All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend
Baby's First Galaxy
I'm Still Standing
The Unfalsifiable Theory
Skrillex Saved My Life
Uzi On My Balcony
Powdered Wig
Snapple Lady Goes To College
Selfie Stick Suicide Squad
I Wanna Flume Like Kanye
The Elevator In My Heart
Holographic Pony
Indecent Exposure
Not All Princesses Wear Tiaras
Viridian City Limits
Helicopter X-Box
Yeezy 2 Seagull
Serotonin Deficiency Blues
We Are Number One But It's A Sad Song So We Are Number 2
I Like Your Twiggy
Total Recall
Odyssey of the Shire
Snow Globe
Silicon Renegade
Frozen Assets
Another Way 2 Mars
Mechanisms of Solace
Stop Telling Women To Smile
Vanilla Twilight
Twinkling Pupils, Glitter Lips
Cognitive Thought Leader(TM)
We Fly By Candlelight
Legend Of A Suicide
Short-Term Memory in a Bubble Bath
Ask Your Doctor If Cigarettes Are Right For You
Heaven and Hell and All That Jazz
Conferencing With The Ancient Spirits/Lighting A Fire In Hell
Beauty Is Blonde
Laying With You With A Pancake
Shining Moonbeam
aka shady girl
The Prayer Chain
My Heart is an Anvil
Bless this mess
Live By The Sword Die By The Sword
In The Morning When It's Cool
Ain't No Future If Your Frontin'
His Hair is Perfect
It Doesn't Matter Where You Are
A Question of Geometry
Sexy, Freaky Life
No More Wire Hangers
From The Ether
Broken Ballots
Higher and Higher
Translucent Lifesaver
It's Time For It To Be Me
Lay Down Under Swarms
Good Mourning Mrs. Butterfly
Mellow Yellow
Turquoise Mountain Air
Taco Hell
You're All I Need
Green Eggs and Hamlet
Prelude to Mutiny
Views From The Galaxy
The Kids Will Break The Floor
Cardiac Kid
Gently Closing The Door
Love $$$
Girl Who Flew
I Love It When You Smile
Vox Populi
u'll never let me down
The Wall of the World
Pineapple Popsicle
Love You Madly
Stolen Dance Moves
Twentieth Wife
Mending Your Broken Heart
Out of Sync With Time
The Future Is Yours
Expensive Habits
new phone who dis
Anatomy Of A Tear
u got nothing 2 hide
All You Got to Do
Everything's Gonna Be Cool When You're A Ghost
Why So Blu?
Trouble in my Brain
El Pollo Loco
If All I Wanted Was The Truth, I'd Steal Your Journal
Farming Bad Luck
I Should Tell You
If The World Don't Want Me, I Don't Want The World
Path of Least Resistance
100th Birthday Party For The World
Sore Thumbs
With Apologies To Gandhi
Access Denied for Life
Tape & Pen
Moon Bounce
Toothpaste Kisses
Gin And Sex
The Calm Before The Swarm
Spilling Light
JPEG World Order
Lamb Street
Spaghetti And Sour Cream
Don't Be Upset, Be Hot
The Sky was Blinding
I Got A New Face
Man Bun And Dog Treats
Animal Effigy
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
I'll Have What She's Having
I Wanna Pet A Pterodactyl
Comfort Me With Apples
A Message From Your Piggy Bank
Superfluous Hair
Rocky Mountain Hydroplane
I'm Sorry, I Can't See You Over The Shine Of My Bedazzled Phone Case
The Immortal Coil
Invisible to Adults
95 Million Miles
Breakfast Cereal Killer
Pink Lemonade And Adderall
I've got b*tches in my paddock
Square Root of 176,400
Breakfast in Swahili
Early Morning Bedroom Groove
Sketchy Hat Day
All The Days We've Yet To Meet
Dancing On My Head
We Are Not A Fucking Band Of Musicians, Okay?
thinking bout you
Delete Your Account
Jared Has a Velociraptor
Emo Passport Photos
The Things I Want To Tell You
Balloon Girl, Glitch Girl
The Key is in the Clock Tower
Mars Is Calling
Milk From the Thistle
Yo Soy Un Hombre
Karen State Of Mind
Bet U Wish U Had Me Back
Fruit-Flavored Toothpaste
Lost Girls
Double Meaning Title
I'm Sure You're Really Nice (When You Think Nobody's Watching)
The Party Dress Makes The Party
Supermarket in the Rain
Carpet Diem
Beach Thang
Ghosts Of The Old
Coldest Water
Everyone Wants To Be A Lego
Trouble Dreaming
Sparrow Skulls
Splintered Unity
The Art of Trespassing
Stupid Algorithms
Like Fleas On Earth
Raspberry Jalapeño
Taxicab Confessionals
Two Fish In A Trenchcoat
Let's Get the Last Plane Out
Bold Like Bigfoot
The Substitute Feelings
The Last Star
A Hammer Is a Hammer
Doin' Things Bubbles Like To Do
Consensual Torture Lounge
Would You Like Fries with That Heart Attack
I Wanna Snuggle
The Infinite Script
Barnum & Bailey's Bizarre Circus Of The Disinterested
Nobody's Listening, Not Even You
Gangster B.I.G.
The Good Dope
Pencil Beats, Bass Drops
A Thousand Times Before
The Poisoned Apple
Maybe It Was The Medicine
Chain Me To My Bed
The Uncomfortable Comfortable
The Devil Went Down To 4chan
Reverse The Inevitable
Pretty Wings
Disco, Pinstripe, & Pearls
i'll be ur portal
Copperplate And Cherry Blossom
The Future's Right Behind You
Sleepwalkin' Cindy
San Francisco, I Love You
Sleeping In The Kitchenette
Not the Same as It Was
She's Got the Look
so glad u dont live in japan
Know Your Name
4th Dimension Fatigue
Sad Snowflakes
The Great Collapse Of Time
Allergies Not COVID
Waking Up With Trash
Books by Salinger
How To Be A Warrior Princess
The Blame it on Your Donkey
Wonderful Day for an Explosion
We'll Always Have Siberia
Going Down To Mexico
Skinny Girl & Fat Girl & They're Just Friends
In Abrupt Motions
Do It for the Tok
No Show Artists
Order For Chaos
3 Hitters
Here Come The Judgments
Operation Kiss
Trade Winds
when i look in ur eyes
I'mma Cowgirl
Smacking Lips, Sticky Hands
Where Do I Go
Grandmas with Guns
The Other Obamas
A Parting Gesture
I Dream About You All The Time
Jump Into The Fog
Age of Consent Campaign
sometimes the truth hurts
Ain't Nobody Got Time for That
The Starving Skeptic
Bob Ross With An AK-47
Clown of Vanities
Uncanny Valley Girl
Stealing Passwords
Weathered Pines
Annihilating Rhythm
Greasy Gray Hair
Plethora Of Papier-Mâché
Rhymes with Witch
You Got Male
Pull Castles Out of Air
Particles of Truth
I Baked A Gun
Mason Jar Lid
Once Upon A Time Machine
Mr. And Mrs. Murderer
Parade of the Megazeals
Stumblin' in the Dark
Wolf of Crypto
My Enemy's Enemy
Sparkly Rainbow Snail
Pass Me By
Star Sauce
The Elegant Elephant Vs. The Sea Monster
When You Came Along
Minty Breezes
Toxic Love Triangle
Mentally Lost
Opus Dei
Collect Your Garbage
Luck Runs Dry
See My Balls
Bathtub Gin
Take It To The Top
Shit Gig
Lemonade Mouthwash
Jury Duty #121
Bride of Static
I Wanna Be Your Light
Never Forget You
Perfectly Generic Absurdity
I Bought A Trophy
Hide the Kitchen Knives
Spiderweb In The Windshield
From The Crypt To Your Heart
The List Goes On And On And On And On And On And On And On And On
Burn You Down
I Love You, But I'm Not In Love With You
Depressing Cartoons
Sideways To Mars
Marry You Tomorrow
Girl, Bye
Tupperware Party
Reality Check 101
I Wanna Be Your Flux Capacitor
I Only Saw You For The End Of The Show
You're The Kind Of Girl
Better Days
Guitar-Playing Octopus
Between Infinities
Campfire Love
Tangerine Dream
There Are No Pickles In The Se
In The Land Of The Blind
Invisible Tattoo
Almost Home Soon
Sasuke Shindo
How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Taking It In The Rear
One More Time
In the Air Tonight
Let's Make This Real
Simple Fool
Fifty Shades Of Beige
Swamp Music
Stop the Clowns
My Crypto Girlfriend
Guaranteed Response
Stella's Magic
Two-Dimensional Mime
Kitty Reducer
I Have Seen The Future Of The Future
Toon Squad
Coke is Nice
An Old Fantastic
Dreams Are Free
Lucas and the King
I Am A Proclaimer, Not A Prophet
So Much To Say, So Much To Give
A Temple And A Graveyard
Sexy Jellyfish
Strings Of The Heart
Conquistador Cookies
Useless To Think
Tag! You're It
Yummy On Top
Gotta Get a New Message To You
I Wanna Melt With You
Venus Flys By
Murder Affair
The Cloud I Live In
Three Minutes In Vienna
I Wanna Be A Zookeeper
Drinking In Love Again
Sexual Pretexts
Sippin' On That Old Time Religion
2 Dimensionality
Floating On A Fiery Pile Of Guacamole
Cool Story Bro
You're the Pen in my Spilled Ink
Marigold Skirt
Rainbow Connection
Geometric Edging
The Wrong Parent
Universal Donor
Wristwatch With A Switchblade
Paint it Black
No Pulse
I Found You On Craigslist
We Name The Mockingbirds
White House Party
The Couple That Kills Together, Stays Together
Crypto In the Hood
Ladies in Waiting
Allegro con Brio
7 C.E.
A Nice Cup Of Shut The Fuck Up
Undercover Angles
Chess Club
Minotaur In A Plum Skirt
Pancake at the Taco Bell
Lion King On Crescent Moon
Painting in the Rain
Escape From The Mediocre Planet
I Wanna Sex You Up
3 Strikes
Triangular Chicken
Trying to Be Cool
To The Silent Majority
Feast For The Crows
Existential Dread
Giant Robot, Giant Problem
i can hear it in ur voice
Needy Kitty Needs Some Love
Lap of the Gods
Abandoned By Amazon
Little Boy Arsonist
Red, White, and You-nited
Me and Butters and the Roller Coaster
Right Side Of The Bed
ur the only one for me
Cloth Cathedrals
On The Rocks, Please
A Declaration Of Intent
Hollywood Murder Mystery
A Soft Bullet
Spin That Thot
Gravel of Distant Stars
Hyperactive Anime Hairdo
Sweater Girl
My Boyfriend's a Bum
I Was In Love With Bob Ross
Cloud Atlas Cruise Disaster
Singing Glue
Death of the Party
Minus the Her
The Ballerina and the Bartender
i'll be ur remedy
Rock-a-bye Your Bear
Y'all Ain't Ready
Catch U Falling
The Unchosen One
0_0 The Rent Is Due...Again...
Twinkies Took Over
Love Is Tasted Best In The Morning
Teenage Dirtbag
There's Something Rotten In Denmark
Sci-Fi Love Song
I'm sorry I left you sorry
Upbeat Remembrance
I'm sorry I tried to kill you again
Girl of the Century
Forbidden Fruits
Gay Disco
Too Young For You
2 Hot 2 Handle
Famous For 15 Minutes
You Probably Shouldn't Kiss Me
Town-Crier Genie
Where Hope Is A Rope
Fragment Earth
Blood on the Drip
My Gift to You
Fools & Monsters
Accidentally On Purpose
Crystal Child
Sneezing on Saturn
Till I Chase the Clouds Away
Wish You Were Beer
Satire Nightmare
Failure To Launch
Angels in the Architecture
Them D-D-D-D-D-Drunk
Tightrope Walker
The Sega Scream
Acts of Imagination
Aloo a la a la a la a la
It's Not A Cult, It's A Startup
Unorthodox Chickens
Hipster Prom
Penny for Your Thoughts
Nanook Rubs It
Silence O'Clock
Bullets and Popcorn
Do I Look Like A Bitch?
Rapid-Fire Spaghetti
Rival Calls
Not Exactly as Planned
You're The One That I Want
Saxophone in My Pocket
Pete's Last Stand
Goldfish Poop
Mr. Doja Cat
Lust Is A Compass
The Remains Of A Well-Loved Paperweight
Bite Your Tongue
One Night, Twenty Seven Guests
The Fallen
Missing Person Posters for Everyone
Root Beer Soda Boy
Alien Dating Service
Good Night, Good Night
Don't You Know I'm In A Band?
Family Feud Freestyle
Stereotypical Zebra
I Wanna Be Kanye For A Day
You Shouldn't Take It Personal
My Tractor's Not Dead
It's Raining On Puddles
I Could Have Been a Wrestling Move
Life's a Beach
Global Thermonuclear Stereo
Umbilical Noose
Worthy of Debates
You Are A Bad Friend
Billionaire Rent-a-Moment
At 4am
could it be true
Baskin Robbins
Mars Madness
High Strung Flowers
New Clearance
Spirit Noodles
Official Troll Account
Love Thief
Oh, Nevermind
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Skydiver
Crypto Sapien
I Love The Smell Of Ether In The Morning
The Last Unicorn Got Sued For Copyright Infringement
It's Too Late
Useful Idiots
The Uncle Who Came to Visit
Deep In The Motherlode
You're Not My Popstar Anymore
Satellite Heart
If I had a portal gun
Coconut Brows
Technicolor Pigeon
I Am The Management
The Hand That Feeds
Zombie Sky
Long Division
Ribbon Girl
Lumberjacks In The Sky
Kick The Dungeon Master
Camels with Hammers
I Wanna Be In Your Gang
Cryptopunk Girlfriend
Wind from a Dying Star
Sugar Is The New Dynamite
Parasitic Puppeteer
*doot doot doot* (the deee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee beat)
Ether Paradis
The Way It's Always Been
Locked In The Dorms
Deep Fried America
Lonely At The Top
Did You Forget That You Love Me?
Sugar Lunch
Soooooo Excited
Drop Dead Gorgeous
come and see about me
Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo
The ETH Of Things
Oxygen Mask
Buddy System
Dreaming About Your Body
Winter Swirl
Conspiracy Keanu
K Street
Better Off Ashes
Lose Her Number, Lose Her
Sledding on Mercury
Forwarding Address
Hear Me Out
Tiny Spark
A Shot of Whiskey and a Jug of Laxative
Mercy of the Headlines
The Breakup Text
What It Feels Like For A Girl
You're So Loose
What A Dumb Thing To Say
Wounds Of The Wind
Drinking In The Car With A Movie Star
The Ghost of a Good Thing
Let's Never Decide To Be A Couple
Once Upon a Time in the Sahara
Hybrid Winter
Cryptopunk Wives
Genocidal Tennis Coach
I hope this song gets stuck in your head
Bees are Pollinator Robots
Manatee In The Cadillac
True Colors
The Initials Are The Only Part That Matters
Cluster Of Sunbeams
Love You Like I Am Old
Underwater Nights
Exploding Ski Pants
*Click, Click, Click*
I Hate California
R2D2 Reads Fanmail
Commodore Genocide
My Knight in Rusty Armour
My Heart Can't Take It
Veils of Darkness
Sticky Sweet
Let's Get Fiscal
I Feel It Coming
My Favorite Game
looking at me looking at you
Disconnect The Dots
I'm Really Fucking Tired of Being Tired
Once Upon A Place
Space Cake
The X Axis
Love is in the Mars Air
The City's A Shoebox
Lovesick Elephants
100,000 Bad Nights
Emotional Support Peacock
Confirm Yourself
You Make Me Feel...
I Can't Believe It's Not Reggae
The World's Shiniest Knife
Little Lights
Olive Skin, Dark Hair
Hiding in the Light
Excessive Pyrotechnics
Whispering Pines, Spinning Spires
Don't Squat On My Squatchy
If You're Happy and You Know It, Snap a Selfie
Ghosts In The Basement
The Game is in the Game
All That Glitters Are Really Corpses
Bring Me To Tragedy
maybe just maybe
Prometheus Found
Human or Machine?
Sore Losers
Five A.M.
We'll Always
Rear View Mirror
Gonna Make You Mine
nothing left to say
Dizzy, Dizzy
This Is Not Going To End Well
How I Want To Be Remembered
Cryptopunk Mixtape
Black Hole Protoplasm
Shooting Hoops With Common People
Murder 4 Strangers
Earthquake Weather
Friend to None
Protective Parasite
I Will If You Will
Hot Dog, No Bun Necessary
Don't Shoot The Messenger
I Wanna Snuggle a Penguin
Wicked Radioactive Lemonade
Monkey See, Monkey Don't
Space Cadillac
It's a Warm Day in Hell
Gameboy Fragments
Out of Focus
Everything I Am
More Chocolate, Less Whine
Last Call For Alcohol
Toothpick Mustache
I Wanna Be A Bum
Neon Genesis
Ten Years Late
Buy The Dip
A-10 Warthog
Red Dead Retribution
The Secret in the Wall
Hot N Impossible
Intrigue Hill
On the B-Side
Fork My Thot
A Divine Interruption
The Fork Awakens
That's So Raven
Repetitive Beeping Sounds Will Annoy Your Brain
If I Had A Rocket Launcher
Break the Chain
The Megamind Elite
The 4Chan Song
Everything I Have To Do Is Everything I Can't Do
Double Down on You
Way 2 Mars Part 2
dream a little dream of me
You're Making Me Itch
i just want the night to be soft
Deep Space Travellin'
Hot Dog With A Waffle In It
The Sun Is A Lonely Star
If You Returned My Texts
The Spinster
She Has The Floor
Cambridge Analytica
Drive Me To The White House
I Am My Hero
The Logical Lunacy of Fools
Blood on the Tracks
Tennessee Tuxedo Boogaloo
The Slow Suicide Of Western Culture
That's What Makes You Country
The Last Record Store Owner
Pointed At The Carpet
The Silent Ebb and Flow
Master Of His Domain
Boiling Sunrises
The Little Engine Who Gave A Shit
Penguin's Plunge
I Like Like You
One And Done
A Kind Of Execution
Gimme The Good Stuff
Runaway Seagull
No One Has To Know
The Great Sex Robot Race
Boutique Guilt
New Roommates
I'd Rather Be One Of Your Pills
It's The Sun's Fault!
Bitcoin Jukebox
Colour In The Shade
Slicing Up The Moon
Propane Salesman
Interstellar Anthropophagite
Bob Ross Self Portrait
I Saw A Demon In Your Eyes
Soap & Water
Shrimp And Grits
A Bit of Bitterness
Welcome To Reality
The Lonesome Whistle
Chameleon Drone Squad
Purple People Eater
Spoiler Alert
Mi Corazoncito
I'm Not an Animal
Poses for Photos
Supernatural Monarch
Truth And Optimism Are Dead
Monuments In Mute
You Should Be Here
I'm Dumb, You Think I'm Intelligent
90 Seconds Of Water Air
Demonoid Phenomenon
Bad Boyfriend
Free Lunch Is Over
That Place Between Childhood & Adulthood
I Pledge Allegiance to the Meat
Veteran of War
Little Black Backpack
100 Years in Testing
Dandelion Puffs
You Turn Me On
I Want My Social Network
Analogue Wounds
I Just Want To Hold You
Fuck Apathy
White-Hot Snowball
When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Wizard
Career Ending Move
Gentleman Jazz
Bikini Bodies
No ifs, ands, or buts
The Guillotine Trio
feel my spark
Measure Your Fears
Go Insane
reality has changed
Grinch 4 Prez
Enemy Lines
Sententia Erosa
Smile Like You Mean It
My Ex-Ex Girlfriend
Can't Get It Up For Just One Girl
Buttercup Complaint Department
Ice Cream Headache
The Way You Walk
If You're Feeling the Pain Then You Might Be Human
The World Is A VeggieBurger
Something's Gonna Break
The Look Of Love
Heads or Tails
A Book Of Memories To Burn
You're My Kind of Hell
Mambo Jump
Rotten Row
Polychrome Memories
No Pressure No Problem
Lily Pad Hop
Acoustic Remedy
I Was Lost When I Found You
Doggy-Style (in the back)
I'd Rather be Sleeping
Australian Casino
Its Not Design
No Half Steppin'
The Good Dinosaur Divorce
Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen
Twilight Central
No Words in Defense
Picnic Basket Of Kisses
Kim Jong Un Is The Sexiest Man Alive
You Don't Have A Clue
I'm Not The One
I'm Too Sexy For the Altcoin
1 Out Of 8
Rainbow In The Dark
Stir Crazy
I'm Not Talking To You
Enter Oblivion
Be Awkward Together
Three Seconds of Light
Whine For Wine
maybe ur falling
Speed Of The Dark
The Pigeon That Wanted a Pancake
Millionaire Matchmaker
Dead Man's Carousel
Rags Of The Loved Ones
You're My Girl
Crypto In The Breeze
Afterschool Special
You Used To Call Me On My Dime
Aliens Made Them Do It
Nervous Laugh
Not The One
I Feel So Close To You
Polygon Bully
The Cure For The Common Universe
Shia LaBeouf's Greatest Hits
Sexual Snow Day
All The Little Pieces
Bending the Rules
Eat Pray Thot
Spanish Lesson
Adventure Time with So Many Questions
Con Air
Flammable Heart
I Got You (I Feel Good)
I Came to California for a Samba
I Only Do It Once A Week
It's Vogue
losing u
Never Forget The Pizza
Nothing Means Nothing to Me Anymore
I Don't Hear You, I Hear Screaming
Laboratory Raccoon
Kanye Shrug
Million Dollar Bill
Fifty Shades of Bread
One Way Mirror, Fragmented Opposites
Wicked Rabbit In The Grass
I Only Like You Because You Don't Like Me
Call Your Bluff
Kaleidoscopic Freak
When I Grow Up, I'm Going To Be A Clown
44,662 Stitches
Sick Fix
Giant Douche Bag
Opossum Wearing Sunglasses
Betty Boop Skidoo
Turbo Thrift
C'mon, Do The Mermaid
A Thousand Bird Cages
I Don't Wanna Know
The Ballad Of Me Me Me
I'd rather be a mermaid
2210, im so alone
Butt Out
Whiskey Is A Woman
Never Lived A Day
Better to Dream
Pyramid of Broken Dreams
Martian Rap City
Faded Seaside Glamour
Modular Syntax
Bork Bork Bork
Can't Be Without You
Leapin' Zen
Why Did You Eat My Fries
Leaves of Fire
There's Just No Emoticon for Loneliness
3-Wolf Moon
Dead Reckoning
Defcon Zero
She's Got That Vibe
A Forgotten Sense
Fatalistic Optimism
So Bad I'm Good
The Lost Night
Honk The Llama
We're Paying for It Now
defeated by a leaf
Pump And Dump
The Apple Of Discord
You May Ask Yourself
Insane Clown Supernova
Lime-Lipped Girl
Seeing Red
Groo's Terrible Tale
Thank You, Lulu
We Buy Your Big Macs
The Split End Of History
Our Illness Is Mutual
Happy Ending?
so sick
Oriental Monsters
Adverse Reactions to Common Sense
Hi, Can I Crash Here Tonight?
Pull Start My Heart
Do I Kiss My Flowers
The Lava In The Morning
Scurvy, Scurvy, Captain
Imaginary Snowstorm
I'll Love You on a Tuesday
You Sleep, But I Drive
Tiny Rock Paper Scissors Players
Hottest Cryptopunk
They're Not Parakeets
Dog Bites Hipster
The Gang's All Here
Blue Waffle In The Morning
Stumbling Upon The Letter "Q"
I Heard You On the Radio
In Death's Clearing
Oh, I Give Up
Beautiful Freak
Hello, Mr. Lumpy
Skeletons In The Closet
Voice Inside Your Head
The Dream of the Fisherman
She's Got Spunk
Total Eclipse Of The Heart
The Real Housewives Of Chernobyl
First Lady
Is it Possible for a Robot to Feel Sad?
Salt Water Taffy Hair
Navy Sheets
They Might Be Giants
I Wanna Be The 8-Bit Sound
Fuzzy-Haired Designer Babies
Attack of The Cybernetic Dolphins
throw u a lifeline
Somewhere Beyond the Sea
I Didn't Like You When You Were Crying, And I'm Damn Sure I Don't Like You Now
Place Your Bets
My Own Private Seoul
The Me That You Love
I'm Too Sexy for My Cape
The Jordan Effect
A Parliament of Waves
Big, Red Button
I Know a Place We Can Get Naked
I'm So Tired Of This Shit
MySpace Poems
Honey Love
A World Flooded With Beer
All My Memories Are Weapons
Not So Humble Brag
Mr. Green Genes
The Sentimental Blooper
Signal Failure
I Will Not Go Quietly
Barbara's Parody
Tropical Paper Umbrella
New Dance
Butt Stuff
Inca Gold
I Won't Stop
Yesterday Once More
The Body Betrays Itself
Avogadro's Number
Bad Drip
Nowhere Left To Hide
The Mother of Invention
Pretty Platypus
Don't You Wish We Were Twins
Software Piracy
Respect the Punches
Panic in the Hallway
45 RPM
N 2 Deep On a Rover
Sasquatch Poetry
ciao for now
I Wanna Give a Unicorn a Pony
Shadow Boxer
Make Me Your Galaxian Princess
Do You Hear The Sound Of The Sea?
Runaway Rocket Car
Swimming In Cologne
Get Lit
I'm Always Drinking About You
Sleeping Udon
Plastic Swords
Advance And Entrance
March Into The Sun
My Computer's Got a Virus
Riding On A Lightbeam
Anemone Drinking Beer
3rd World Gay
Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens
Nobody Scores In This Game
I'm Too Crazy For This
What You See Tonight
I Would Never Need A 3rd Drink
Dream Over
Arctic Blast!
See You... In Hell...
The Penultimate Waltz
Leave Me Breathless
Lame Duck Suite
The Waterslide of Surprise
Endless Wave Machine
The Steady Riot
Cats In Tuxedos
Molasses On Haight Street
The Fiction of Truth
Three Small Words
The Genesis Block
Won't Stay In Bed
Supernatural Love
The Color Wheel
Scissor Lady
Strangers In The Car Window
i cant get u outta my system
Ziggy Stardust
There's a Future in the Past
Possible Side Effects
Sunscreen Irritation
Under A Truck Full Of Plums
Just The First Time
I Wanna Be An Astronaut
Cryptopunk Took Our Money
Invisible Elephant
The Clouds Could Kill Me
Raspberry Pink Frosting
Majoring In Minors
We Can Live Here Forever
Karen From the Block
Sleight Of Hand
It's Been A While
And I'm Still Breathing
Xanax and Vodka
The Dry Season
Don't Take My Heart
Something in the Water
Mecha Boom Blood
Enemy Of Reason
Different Strokes
Gumball Machine Kid
Let Sleeping Idols Lie
Maurice the Orange
In Retrospect I Should Have Skipped 3rd Grade
Ambiance and Caesura
Sushi On A Plane
Follow the Money
I Wanna Be A Warhol For A Day
Dogwalk Empire
Loudspeaker On A Tricycle
Friends In My Eyes
Under the Influence
We Are So Very Far Apart
Chocolate Kiddies
Praline Cheeks
Sangre Por Sangre
Mr. and Mrs. Sexy Robot
want u back
You Can't Spell Failure without U R
Click Clack
Fuckin' Ninjas And All Their Secrets
Padding Out The Smiles
Started With A Whisper
Get Up, Get Over, Get Out
It's Not You, It's Meeeeeee
A Song For The Arsonists
Chocolate Milk For Breakfast
Viva La Frida Kahlo
I Wonder If The World Falls Down So Loud We Can't Hear It
Stallion Time
Pretend I'm Not Here
Girls in Cars in Love
All We Need Is A Little More Time
Two Tons of Steel
Voodoo Love Dolls
Bunny Fu
Your Phone Is My Kryptonite
Calling Home
Heartless And Unemployed
Wax Statue of Liberty
All My Life
Tu Engaño
Better Off Asleep
Holding Hands with God
All That I Got
Coffee Machine Heartache
The Crumbling of Generation X
Full Spectrum
Mr. Krabs' Lobotomy
Will Not Be Our Witness
Porno Space
Drifting Away With You
Sakura in the Snow
Slow Fade To Black
Do You Even Lift?
All I Need Is a Blunt
Celebrity Breakup
The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck
The Last Time
Solar Powered Sea Lion
Wasted In Vitro
Me and Joe Biden
Pokémon Go Became A National Crisis
Lost in the Citadel
Even Heroes Have to Start Somewhere
Faith, Trickery, And Time
Just The Boys
I Promise I'm Not Just Flirting
2 Side 2 The Moon
Smart As The Devil
Earthquake Magic
Hipster's Interlude
I'm a Big Ball of Clay
Kill the Sun
Dead Letter Drop
Fishing with Mom
10 Minutes
Parents Just Don't Understand
Please Take Me Home
Metal-Eyed Boy
Poison Ink
Virginity Is A Social Construct
babe ur a prophet
Gorgeous, Adorable People
I Wanna Be The Drum Machine In Your Life
Chirping Birds And Busy Ants
Let's Talk About Dre
One Night In Tokyo
F*ck Boy Karma
Postcard From The End Of The World
The Getaway Car
Meme Apple Pie
Pixelated World
Brittle Banjo
Don't Tell Me, Tell Your Friends
Late Night Vienna
u dont deserve me
Clumps Of Rainbow Kittens
The Sound of No-One Listening
Finger-Puppet Romance
Dreaming Sweet Dreams
Earth Boi
Ghosts Deterred By Red Tape
Gorgeous Androgyny
Oh, Uh-Oh
Life Ain't Always Beautiful
dangerous game
Hot Sauce Thanksgiving
I'm So Glam, I'm So Chic
Terrible Decisions
hope ur ok
The Truth Behind Taste
Never Use FaceTime Again
Sparkles Are For Unicorns
Strawberry Fields Forever
MS-DOS 4 Life
If The Walls Could Talk
Wiggly World
Easy for You to Say
Half A Heart Is Better Than None
Aerodynamically Curvaceous
Woofers, Fluffers, Pluffers
I Am a Hipster
Crab in My Pocket
Miss December
Sushi and Phones
Ich Bin Ein Berliner
The Metaverse Resistance
Always Late, But Not Always Sorry
the space between us
Your Feet Are A Little Bigger Than Mine
Nana's Rap Dungeon
still noone but u
Our National Anthem Doesn't Have Fuck All To Do With Us
all i know
When I Get Where I'm Going
Set. Sail. Fail
Planet Cow
Two Places at Once
ur my dream girl
Pipes of the Earth
Freefalling In The Sea
It's Not Funny If I Have To Explain It
Open Book
Dropping Out On The Third Day
Throwing Ninja Origami
Lavender Town Syndrome
Bed Bath & Beyoncé
Pugs n Kisses
Analogic Tingler
Pockets Full of Kryptonite
Kill, Kiss & Die
The Way You Move
leave a light on
i dont own a tv but im still pretty cool
You Suck at Photobombing
A Swooning At The Swimming Hole
I'm Not a Furry
The Great Banana War
Mermaid in My Soup
Bad Witch
New Despair
Don't Forget to Forget Me
What We Saw
not with ur heart
No Deodorant in Outer Space
The Handshake Deal
Corporations Are People
The Stars Are So Big, The Earth Is So Small
The Promethean Complex
Boomerang Generation
Thank You For Coming To My Funeral...Again!
Marijuana In My Sleeping Bag
Sugar Lips
Pull the Plug, I'm in a Coma
Dress You Up
No Prince Charming
Hold The Floor
Make America Dope Again
Green Thumbs
Cocoa Roots
Antique Atlas
Becky, You Have the Wrong Number
I'm A Fox In A Fox Hat
A Strange New Element
Cheering For The Sunrise
Middle-School Dance
Minnie's Melody
I Worship The Ordinary
Shielding the Ewoks
dont u hate the good guys
I Blew My Whistle
I'm So Small
My Mommys Peculiar
Elegantly Wasted
My New Bed With The Fluffy Blanket
Twisted by Design
Giants of the Sky
Pu$$y Is The New Black
He's Just Not That Into You
C3PO Does a Dance
Kitten Mittens
Toys in the Attic
Poontang Witch
I Want to Hug You in the Moonlight
The Magician's Assistant
Life's a Gas
Tattoo On The Brain
i promise not to tell
White Socks/Flip-Flops
I'm So Much of a Liar
Ooh, I've Got Something for You
Mystery Of The Obelisk
Carrots Can't Drive
The Girls Who Say I Never Listen
Hollow Bullet Carousel
No One's The Boss Of Me
Only Time Will Tell (If We Have Any Time Left)
dont think ill be there
Shadow of the Colossus
What Does the Fox Say (Cinderella Version)
Stereo Code 3
Hottest Of All Time
Lyin' to the Public
Island of Lights
Invisible Song
Don't Be A Stranger
My Past Is Tomorrow
maybe not today
Pineapple Paradise
Aquamarine Monkey
Bicycle Shoulder
U + Me
Sleeping With The TV On
Doomguy At The Dentist Office
Rearview You
Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop
Conspiracy To Lose You
Inanimate Insanity
Oh, My Stars And Garters!
I Want a Polygamous Marriage
Tiny Pieces Of You
Always Havin' Problems
My Crypto Boyfriend
Human Uber
No Shoes On The Dance Floor
Colonize 69
Sorry That I Liked You
Hot Tub High Dive
Breaking Fast
Plants And Animals
A Silk Hat For The Cat
Gargoyle In The Tree
Commercial Break
I Laugh When I'm Evil
I Can't Wait Any Longer
100 Years
Take Your Trauma To Work Day
Elephant in a Tutu
DJ Plasmatic
Dead Letters
A Noob Spawned
Bold Poop
Breathless With Laughter
Woke Up In Chelsea Clinton's House
Springtime In Paris
Your Brother Ragequit
Pound Of Flesh
Ruby Child
Stan The Boy Wonder
Cupcakes And French Kisses
The Class Of 3000
Ain't No Ninjas in the Hood
Nightcap At the Boob
Moving Past The Past
Lone Star Stampede
The Insecure Ninja Turtle
Lunar-Filled Diary
Possibilities & Probabilities
Clinging To The Trees
Pornographers of Violence
Everybody Scream
No One Takes Pictures Of The Drummer
Soju and Poker Nights
How To Annoy Your Lover In Four Easy Steps
Winds Of Cydonia
Losers Like Me
Reverse Chronology
Put Your Arms Around Me
Love Me Tinder
Lightsaber Cane Swinging
Molten Lava Popcorn
Loudest Thing is Silence
Maroon Sixteen
I Don't Wanna Live in a Living Room
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
Holographic Girl
Red Letter Days
Generation Why
I Am the Doughnut
Thought Catalog
I'm so Humble, I hate myself
Jelly Feet
Play-Doh Fun Factory
So Far Gone
Flat Earth Theory
The Broken Horizon
Gulag Amerika
My Chicken, Your Chicken
Fly Fishing In My Dreams
The Bloodmoon Sequence
Avatars of Freedom
Bearded Streetlight
See You In Court
Maybe I Didn't Treat You Right
A Sparrow In A Former Life
Can't Stand the Heat
Miniature Golfing
Don't Go There
Acid Flashback
21 guns
The Art of the Steal
Hell On Chain
I'm Going to Realize Real Soon That I'm Real
Flippin' My Wig
Speedway to Crazy Town
We're The Ones Who Knock
vivir para ti
Braille Without Borders
Altitude Adjustment
Glitch In The Sky
Go Fuck Yourself
Adderall Withdrawal
We Are All Alike
Something Must Break
A King Of Thorns
Bubble Jump
Straight to the Moon
Long Way to Go
C U On Mars
Spaceward Ho!
Voodoo Economics
Our Song Didn't Play
I'll Never Believe it's Not Butterscotch
Telekinetic Lobotomy
Superman and His Girlfriend
The View From Below
Both Sides of the Story
All-Bionic Woman
The Fragile Fitting of a Dress
A Remix of a Remix - Remix
Spicy Noodle Ninjas From The Farthest Reaches Of The Galaxy
Speaker Holograph
be u and ur mine
Beam Me Up
Con la Cabeza Bien Alta
My Ramona
Carrot Boats
The Girl With The Rose-Colored Hair
Made Of Glass
You're the Reason I'm Leaving
Dude, Where's My Integrity?
Reach Of The Council
Space Jungle
Stars on the Water
You Spent 1,000 Hours On Me
Punk the Fucking Pets
I Could Live in a Condo
She Thinks I'm Lonely
The Girl With The Raven Mask
Earth Girls are Easy
I'm in it for the Memes pt. 1
Swerve City
ur so worth it
Ma vs. Pa
P.S. I Hate You
Portrait In Outlines
The Meta Song
I Need To See A Pig Right Away
I Wanna Be Cute Forever
The Clap Track
Hologram Tupac
The Stars Will Remember Tonight
The Moment, The Eternity & The Life
Trap Mars
Throwing Up A Candle
Do You Remember
Retro Rocket
Whiskey in a Teacup
What Goes Up Must Surely Come Down
My Heart Is A Fortune Cookie
i miss my wallet
Terrorist Without An Army
Mercury Runs Dry
I Wanna Play Atari
Tequila Sunrise
Why Won't You Leave Me Alone
Peanut Butter Cup
The Deviant Chord
Just The Tip
Lonely Robot Girl & The Fantastic Teapot
Don't Hold Your Breath, You're Cut Off
Two Leaves
Reservoir Ghouls
R.I.P. K-Mart Stocks
Crack Coke Zero Sugar
Nostalgic, Lunar-Filled Corners
Hot Take
Everything Is Different Now
be careful what u wish for
Your Party and My Funeral
Dance To My Plants
Creepy AF
Sally Cinnamon
Term Limits
Seven Minutes in the Sun
Weed Juice
Rhinoceros In The Room
Something About Union Square
The Workhorse
I'm in it for the Memes pt. 2
Ugly At The Airport
Fluorescent Underpants
Babe Watch
My Beautiful Bomb
Olympic Panther
The British Supermodel
let them win
No Pigeons On Peachtree
Kissing With A Little Bit Of Lipstick On
The Young Is Dead But The Old Is Yet To Come
Out With A Bang
The Art of Letting Go
Processed Meats
Not Now, Kiddo
Sitting On My Bed With a Pump N' Style
Zoo Gang
In The Neighbourhood Of Zero
Touch The Stars
Kaleidoscopic Bliss
Black Balloon
The Getaway
Dancing In The Water
Between Thought And Expression
The Emperor's Dead
i'd be cheating on u with myself
Hide the Gingerbread Man
Zero Return on Investment
Boyfriend # 47
Mischief Mischief
Veil Of Secrecy
Fuck Your Feelings
Present Tense
Something In Your Eye
Just One Drink
Cognitive Dissonance
However, You Can Still Follow Me On Twitter
Pleasant Pie
It's Not Fiction If It Makes Sense
Send Me On Vacation
Enemy Of The State
Chicano Batman
The Ballad Of Wrecking Ball Johnson
Let's Both Get Dysentery
Drive-Thru Wedding Chapel
Ashes Ashore
You Know What I Mean
Neptune's Daughter
Jackson in Zipped Up Jeans
Empezar desde Cero
My Neighbor Is A Werewolf
A Dreadful Day To Be Alive
Glistening Geometry
Harsh Light Interrupted
I Suppose It's True That Everything Dies
dirty dracula teeth
Walking And Falling
Let Me Love You Til You Learn
Tigerblood Cosmos
Days Are Numbered
Her Hands Were Cold
Are You Still There? (Are We Still Here?)
Lemons And Limes
Stop Being Rude
My Heart's a Prison
When I'm A Billionaire
Love Is A Battlefield
Butterscotch Creme Brulee
The Changing Lights
Buttery Biscuit Bass
Thin is the New Fat
Balsamic Dreams
Reality Doesn't Live Here
Indulge Me
Irony Man
Spooning With You
The Biggest Clown in the World
Light Pollution
One Night Only
Dr. Robotniks Nightmare Revisited
Techies In The Trees
Strawberry Birthday
The Fish You Feed
We Started the Fire
Stolen Numbers
Tiny Creatures Made Of Cheese
The Blue Botnet
To The Moon, Alice!
Here Comes The Bribe
The Math Doesn't Add Up
I Ride Around in a Cape
Wise To The Fickleness Of Time
Trolling The Trolls
Crazy Like a Fox
Wanna Play SimCity?
Casual Alien Contact
I'm A Little Morbid
keep my love for u alive
The Day the Crayon Stood Still
When Life Gives You Lemons
The Lesser of Two Weevils
Bedroom Broiled Broccoli
No Safe Word
She's So Fine
When Everyone's A Robot
Plastic Flowers
Mad About Me
Anemone Eyes
Let Them Eat Static
Can You Tell Me Why
The Last Goal-Keeper
The Angel Of Death Is Your Father
No Matter What
The Reapers Are The Angels
Deliquesce With A Shudder
Crustacean Super Villain
Holy War
Lots And Lots Of Cake
Starfish In Her Hair
The Red & The Black
Analog Bubblebath
Mrs. Don't Speak
Girls With Short Hair Are Hotter
I'm Covered in Tinfoil
Cursor of the Mind
Kids of Superheroes
Static On The Radio
The Sum of Nothing
Papaya Jam
Donut Unto Others
Bite Me In The Morning
Just In Case I'm In Love
What's Up Good Girl?
In Love With Your Ex
A Distance You Can't Touch
Pantsless In A Crowd
A Promise Of Reconciliation
Flip Cup
Paper Plates And Plastic Cups
Memento Mori
The Great Unknown
Ya No Te Creo
Barack'n Roll
Gotta Find A Way
Mars' Atmosphere
Can't Be Trusted
Bitcoin, Shmcoin
Mr. Adventure
Stereo-Typical Wombat
Subject 6
The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves
I Wanna Be Your Brontosaurus
Anthrax Mic Check
All Of This And Nothing
Fur Coat And No Knickers
Dammit, Janet
Hedwig's Lament
get u thru the night
Optimistic Skeptic
How Dare You Diagnose Me!
No Kids Allowed
Disco Tits
Hipster Barista
Make It So
Sing Me to Sleep
Alive Again
Good Bye to the Old Me
A Line Through The Static
4 Months in the Sand
Waxing Poetic
Deep Sea Muffin
Safer to Hate Her
Velvet Ropes And Wine Spills
Space Suicide
My Little Girl
Toucan-Toed Juice
A Painkiller For The World
Swinging on a Star
The Gods Are Small Birds
Friend Zone
You Got Me Goin'
Starbucks Runs in My Veins
Fork The Planet
Lunar Flows
Floating Elephant
Mala Suerte
This Is Not A Dream
Ghetto Quaalude
Polar Bear on Mars
Flashlight Tag
Atomic Love-Making
It Ain't Easy Being Green
Queen Spiderbitch
Sticky Hands, Warm Heart
Grape Juice and Milk
20 Minutes of Fame
Rip This Joint
Everything Is Physically Possessed
Bluebirds Over The Whitehouse
Aint Nobody Perfect
Not a Bad Kid
Yellow-Eyed Sumo Wrestler
Weekend At Bernie's
Ain't Nobody Killin' Me But Me
Stop Being A Sofa, Start Being A Chair
The Martian Diaries
Chillin' With The Po' Po'
Don't Believe In Ghosts
Project H.A.M.
Such A Huge Heart But It's Never Been Taught To Love
Coping Mechanism
i was a tree
The Body Electric
While (1<2)
we didnt say goodbye
Return of the Prodigal Son
Got It Goin' On
the horizon
Lemonade Daddy
I Wanna Make Out With You
Just Leave Me Alone, OK?
In The Shadow In The Sun
Take Me Out With The Tide
U Can't Always Get What U Want...🎶
Do You Really Need A Reason?
Sour Patch Kids
The Stars The Limit
Tomorrow's Sorrow
Do You Even Punk
Childhood Memories
Fairytales From Nowhere
Infinite Sunshine
Wake Up, Go To Work, Sleep
Hello, I Must Be Going
The Past Was Like A Tear In An Eyelash
Douchebag Decree
Landed in the Wrong Galaxy
Peacock's Tail
Friday Night, Saturday Morning
This Is For Your Protection
Intergalactic Bathtub Race
can u hear me now
Effervescent Elephant
My Heart is a Hand Grenade
bad behaviour
Gravity is Harsh
Love Is a Kung Fu Kitten
The Number You Have Reached
Spice Boys
Stranger In A Strange Land
Colossal Ingestion of Coolness
Swing Out Sister
Midnight Animal
Fuera de Mi Vida
I Wanna Marry a Kennedy
Invasive Species
Calendar Girl
Carry the Zero
If I Had It Up 2 Date
Candy Sprinkled in Her Hair
The Prophecy Of The Victors
There's No Money Left
Amateur Astronomy
The Grand Canyon is so cliche
Dancing with tears in my eyes
Somebody's Snacking
High Scores In Drinking
Universe On My Back
Super Cool Whip Cream
Cat Party
Starboard Bliss
Wild Child
the best song ever
Velvet Underground
Misty Membrane
Cities Don't Care about My Sins
Little Boy Lost
My First Kiss Was a Miss
Catch You in My Star Wars
i'll be ur momentum
If We Gotta Start A Fight...
Me and The Donald
Passive Aggressive Behavior
Tizzleizzle Watermelonhead
Snapchat Me A Honey Badger
Convincing You to Like This Song
Imaginary Numbers
Lifetime Of Trouble
Hanky Panky
Cosmically Significant
The Plutonium Farm
My Ass Belongs to Microsoft
A Kinder Star
Space Jesus
I'm On A Voyage
Drinky McDrinkerson
How We Gonna Make the Kids Pay for This
Give It 2 Me
Google State of Mind
i know what i need 2 do
A Freak Is A Freak Is A Freak Is A Freak
Before the Beginning
Geography Club
i wish that i could see you
The Future Is Cancelled
The Box of Pandora
Hook of the Century
See You Soon, Bluebird
I'm Losing It Up Here
At 4am Pt. 2
The Planet's Not For You
Stephen Hawking's Body Pillow
Crypto In Love
To Live And Die Among Refugees
Title and Registration
Make A Secret
The Last Leaf
Weather In The Heart
P.S. I No Longer Hate You
Gucci Coochie
Grey Moon Martian Girl
Humming-Bird Windmill
Much Better If I'm Dressed For It
only u can touch me
U Had Me At Hello
We Will Become Silhouettes
It's Mostly Cocaine, Actually
Bright Red Lipstick
Late Night Call From India
Glossary of Terms
Space Pimp
7am On a Space Walk
Neutron Dance
Creamy Pink Juicy Love
i told u we were magic
Glitter Bomb
When There's No One Else
Mojo Jojo Is My Homeboy
Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires
Fox in Socks
The Blue In Your Eyes
Landfill Sunset
gotta have u
You Hide, I'll Seek
Nuclear Witch Project
Tick Tick Bang Bang
Half A World Away
Just a Girl Who Loves Her Robot
We Both Got Issues
I Ain't No Holodeck Boy
dont be so sure
Pale Orange Pajama Pants
Shifting Sands At The Hourglass Factory
i painted a picture for you
You're So Hot, but I'm So Sad
I Sold Unisocks For 2 Dollars
Banana Manicure
The Revolution Will Be Televised
Nocturne Nation
Anti-Social Media
Root The World
Spare A Few Rotten Ideas
So Long, Old Pal
Yellow Bouquet
Stop the Insanity
ur my best friend
Lettuce Plant
Look At Me, I'm President
The Desert
Love Is A Lot Like Basketball
I'm Immune to Thyme
Let's Get Hormonal
The Empty Chamber
I Never Learn
Why You Gruntin'
Ghostwriting For Dummies
Way 2 Mars
Good Morning, Mr. President
Blue Velvet
Success is the Word I Never Said
None Of This Is Real
Masochist's Nostalgia
Dreamweaver Dream
Sector Zero
Soy Is Yummy
Noir Désiré
Buddha Machine
I Wanna Ride an Octopus
Fifty Shades Of Meh
doot doo doo doo doo
I'd Be Your Dessert
I Dreamed
Suck Cock In Hell
Hot Sauce Made From Unicorn Tears
Always On My Mind
Your Dog Ate My Puppy
Mixtape About Nothing
They're Just Robots
Hands Up, Don't Mine
You're the Forecast
if i miss u
I Wanna Be a Rich Man
Percussive Maintenance
Gargantuan Slug
The Princess with the Angry Face
Don't Be So Cruel
The Sweetest Curse
World On Blood
Swagga Jump
Worst Case Scenario
We'll Be Fine
in a world of glass
Stuck In Recursion
Goodbye To The Summer
Asians From The Bay
Flowers In The Razor Wire
Not Eating The Cucumber
Roller Derby Nightmares
Late Bloomers Of Seasons Grave
You're The Top
If We Ever Try To Kiss, I'll Swear On My Life That I'll Kill You
What the Robot Saw
Bulletproof... I Wish I Was
Digital Sayonara
I'm Not Sorry, I'm Elon Musk
Extinction Level Event
We Will Soon Be No More
Use A Condom
Cut From the Same Cloth
Quality Time
Common Confusions
I Wanna Dance on a Volcano
Raid Your Brain
The Kid is Hot
Birthday Party for Cyborgs
The Last Cowboy on Earth
Come Get Away With Me
Living With Radiation
Plastic Melody
Illégal Aliens
Nothing You Can Do About It
Holding Hands in Outer Space
Four Loko In Tents
Virgins And Heretics
The New Formal
Vermillion Candy
Coral Reef Crawl
Inside Lookin' Out
I Wanna Be Your Creature
Ella y Yo
broke my heart in three
The Hot Dog Song
Yesterday I Was Eighteen
Banana Slugger
Cow in the City
Always And Forever
Running Through The Garden
Swipe Right
Decentralized Trailblazing
Wax Idols On Parade
The Ultimate Matrix
All systems go
RIP In Peace
Nice Try, Jesus
Give Me A Second Chance
Questions That Can't Be Answered
The Mercy Cult
this song is okay I guess
You're So Cute When You're Sleeping
Molotov Party
Come on in, the Water's Sunny
Cocaine Barn
I Wanna Be Your Underwear
make u feel alive
Gotta Have a Sponge
She's on Fire
The Octopus of Star Control
Status Update
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Necesito Un Trago
These Are Not Words
No One Can Stop Me
How Many DJs Can You Fit in a Mixtape?
Hey Dad, I'm okay
No More Monkeys
Things That Go Boom in the Night
Zombie Werewolf Cheerleader
Paradise Syndrome
Do Not Resuscitate
Girlfriend vs. Life
Plastic Cowboy
Bigger Than Outer Space
Blowtorch Fumes
Cherish The Night
I Already Told You I'm Not Rappin'
Queen's Gambit Accepted
The Cool Of The Carousel
It's a Lie! It's a Lie! It's a Lie!
Disused Futures
Invisible Dinosaur Tracks
6am At The Planetarium
Homemade Napalm
I'm Not Worried About It
New Territories
Roastin' Me Softly
Could It Be Satoshi
The Last Time We Met
Somebody to Love
It's Not Hot In The Summer
Sideways Daydreams
Now I'm a Bad Person
Null Eruption (Son of Static)
Deep Shift
Overheard In The Library
For Your Information...
My Cute, Fat Friend
Disco Bloodbath
Beaches & Hoes
Emotional Shrapnel
Three Wishes In A Heartbeat
Nothing Left To Fear (But Fear Itself)
Human Heart in a Jar
Way Back, Summer Day
The Unified Theory Of Unbecoming
In The Party Shed
Particle Arts
Over It
Isla Vista
Skipping Stones
Galaxy Cow
Never Gonna Give You Up
Spiderweb Under The Sea
Zombie Prom
Soap On A Rope
Trump Talkin' Bout A Comeback
Too Many Kardashians
Pluto Never Sleeps
Flash Delirium
9th Grade Girls
My Mom's Tesla
The Super Zeroes
Old Gods New War
I Wanna Be Around When You Cry
Memos From Purgatory
Throw Me To The Raccoons
Future-Proof Memory
16 Candles
You, Me, and the Cactus
A Little Bit of Abstinence
The Orchestra of Wolves
Fake Friends Forever
loved insanity
Everyone's Invited
The Way You Make Me Feel
Let's All Go to Mars
Nice to Meet You, Carl F**king Fredricksen
Can't fall in love with a murderer
Smile For The Paparazzi
Smurf N Surf
Allergic to the Pill
When I'm With You
The Firefighter's Bucket List
I'll Drink To That
There U Go
Oh Look, A Doughnut
Two In Love Is Better Than One
Silver Sapphire
Pretending to Be a Billionaire
Upside Down Face
F*ck Me, I'm a Googler
Out of the Blue
Pretty Flamingo
Cyberpunk Nomads
If You've Got It, You've Got It
Bees In The Trees
Birthday On February Thirty First
We All Feel Like Newborn Kittens
Heliotrope Lady
It's Easy to Say Goodbye If You're Not Here
Fuck You Pay Me
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
No Thank Yous
This Is The Wei
The Void Symphony
Deny, Deny, Deny
Trash An Airbnb
Time Will Tear Us Apart
Outer Space Is A Social Construct
Grounded In Reality
Hype Cycle
Being Single Is Easy
Even Mopes Have Hopes
Just The Fucking Facts
Don't Distract Me With Cute Things
Nyan Cat Without The Pop-Tart
My First Word Was Nintendo
Don't Worry, I Got This
This Space for Rent
Pretend You've Seen A Woman Before
Weeping Breeze
We're All Just Animals In A Pit
Yawn Patrol
Pep Talk
Quick and Dirty Fixes
Mango Starburst Explosion
Don't Feed the Bear
Toots And Giggles
Told You
Stay Curious
Sticking Fingers Into A Pot Hole In The Road
Cherry Pie In August
Strawberry Fields
Milk Hotdogs
Face Down In Your Mac'n'Cheese
Oh, I Get It
Foreclosure On Your Future
Cool Storm And Warm Bed
Underground Hotel
My Path To You
Balaji Was Right Pt. 2
The Legend of Me
Oasis Dogfight
Frog in the Treehouse
Loud Music Causes Global Warming
Washing Away That Old Laundry Stain
Industrial Strength Match Maker
Rainbow Away
Falling For The Bad Boy
I'm Too Poor For This Crap
Fiat Lux
Your Tears Breed Snow In Cold Flurries
Somehow Australian
Alien Shepherd
A Night At The Hip-Hopera
Moon! Moon! Moon! Moon! Moon! Moon! Moon!
Each Blade Of Grass Has Its Own Id
You're Not A Fungus
Line Up
Too Broke
AI-led Suicide Awareness Campaigns
Irreplaceable You
Poop In The Pool
It Rhymes With Hug
I Like My Tokens Rare
Supermassive Eyes Of Despair
Take Shots with Dreams Like These
In It for the Long Haul
Banned From the Club
Lines And Curves
Batman Breath Mints
Maxine Waters Will Save Us
Solo Flight
Too Much Information
Everybody Gets Hurt At Summer Camp
Lightweight Citizens
Bring It Off
Sipping On Salt Frosties Iced Tea
Erotic Fan Fiction In The 21st Century
That's The Way It Goes In Florida
Based On A True Story
Hand Painted Graphics
Live Like It's 1999
That Sinking Feeling
If At First You Don't Succeed, Blame Someone Else And Seek Counseling
The Toll of the Bells
Maps For The Nex-Gen Cyborg City Morgue
Frozen Wanker
Been Smoking Too Long
Perfect Hair Doesn't Exist
Different Is Better
The Bad Soybean Project
The Last 3 Months
Heartbeats Over Text Message
Bathe In My Own Pee
I Am Still Worthy
Not Comin' Home
A Message from Marketing
Love For sale on eBay
Cyborg Cavemen
Chamber of Reflection
Great Ambitions/Small Results
Morte Et Dabo
Bitches Better Off
Nervous Breakdown At A Turn Signal
Pure Knee Breaker
Balloons For Dogs
Boldly Going Nowhere
Industrial-Strength Bullshit
Evolution of Trust
she just wanna unwind
Genghis Khan On A Barstool
Daydreams Of You And Me And Ms. Lee
Zero Self-Esteem
Fuck It I Bought An NFT
Same Spells, Different Hexes
Cocoon Of Wax
Can I Keep It?
Three Princes
Excitable Adverbs
Cheap Whiskey In A Big City
Spontaneous Sleepover
Functionally Procreative
Columbus Discovered My Virginity
A New Kind of High
The Burrito That Convinced Me To Date Latinos
Feed the Proverbial Dingo
When The World Ends, Turn Out The Lights
Let's Take This Offline
Blowing Up My Smartphone
Tina I'm Sorry About Your Tits
Breakfast At The Google Campus
Ride in Your Nightmares
Invisible No More
Where I Get Off
Are You Sure This Is Worth Dying For?
Turning 30 Without Reaching Dreams
Secret Recipe
Rounding Error
Too Cool For School, But Not For Beer Pong
Every Single Scientific Fact Is Wrong
Cold Feet Where Hot Blisters Growed
Let's Not Build A Bomb After All
Data Constellations
August In Autumn
Denial of Service
Drop The Bots
A Small Crush
No Expiration Date
And The Award Goes To...
Underwear, Underwear, Underwear
Frozen Hanky Panky
Digital Masquerade
100 Sunsets
I Ain't No Gambler
You Must Be Dreaming
Waving A Freckled Flag
Bitcoin Terrorists
Where We Went Wrong
Puppy Dog Dreams
Gas fees, oh my!
War On War On War On Drugs
Binary Condemnation
Pussy is why I bought the boat
Bottled Sunshine Escapes
One More Day
Over-Promising and Under-Delivering
Catching Santa Claus
Real Life Genderswap
A Lesser Evil Is Still An Evil
Early Adopter Gets the Worm
Dancing With Myself
Monty Python Disco
Lunar Simplicity
Eyes Wide Shut
Bob Ross Made Me Do It
Unreliable Narrator
It's Not Porn Unless You Pay For It
Snoop Dogg In Space
Mathematics Of Breakups
Need Vitamin Sea?
Breach of Contract
Voluptuous Space Pirates
tryna block me on a fadeaway
Summer Lovin'
Hit By A Pulsar
Little Bo Peep Is Finally Losing It
Laughing at You, Not With You
Far Away From What I Need
Catcher in the Lie
Dead Letter Center
Pizza Roll Stuffed Pretzels Are The Devil's Work
Bathroom Stall Drama
Amber Alert
3 Years
I Don't Mean To Be Rude But...
Empty Promise
Inappropriate Questions
Don't Panic... Run!
Birthday Money
Androgynous Pokemon
Elephant Walk
Eggshell Eaters
Samurai Princess
Sleep is for the Rich
Advantages Of Being Attractive But Ugly
Shut up and Take My Money!.. Please?
Join Us and Become Another Statistic
Thank God For The Next Day
Overthinking It
How Much For Just The Planet?
Thongless Thursday
Sunshine State of Mind
Hold It Against Me
When Life Gives You Souffles, Make Omelets
Hardbody Ricochet
North Pole, South Pole
Cross-Dressers Anonymous
Love Is A Bubble Of Other People's Air
Eat Your Jewels
Your Eyes In Gifs
Be Glad That You're Sad
Pretty Please
Made Dinner For Two, Ate Both
Shipping Be Like
How To Break Up With Siri
What I'll Do Instead Of Moving On
Being Honest Is Overrated
Deadly Weapons of Math Destruction
Stiff as a Board and Twice as Useless
The Blade Of Sin
Vintage Computer Club
Circular Firing Squad
Automated Customer Service
Erectile Dysfunction Clinic
Big Summer Body
Build Your Own Audience
Bury That Shit
I'm Not Mad, I'm Disappointed
I Wanna Drive The Zamboni Machine
Loud Laughter Is The Best Cure
Pulling Upside Down
The Truth Is Censorship
Body Image Issues Be Like....
Taking Gaming Too Seriously
Strong Poppa
Rollin' in a Rolls
The Urge To Refresh
Cynical Ballad of a Discontented Goon
That's Not a Bug, It's a Feature
A Night in the City of Endings
Gangsta in the Shaw
Abandonment Issues
Chandeliers for Dinosaurs
Practically Famous
Postal Worker For The Day
North Pole Afterburn
Bloodthirsty Agents
I Have A Crush On You
Been It
One Summer Day We All Got Our Periods At The Same Time
Wall Street Decimals
Bathroom Break Bingo
Bitter The Fruit
Bridezilla Crying At The Altar
Too Many Feelings
Ride for Thought
The Sky Is Falling, And I Feel Fine
That Open Relationship Tho
Poppin' in a Tesla
The Matrix Glitched Today
Mega Man Went To A Fabric Store
Beware the Man Bearing Gifts
The Black Swan Surprise
The Ecstasy of Coins
Relationship Status Postmortem
Soft Reboot
Mushroom Spaceship
Don't Meddle In The Affairs Of Dragons
Beeple Made Too Much Money
Too Broke To Afford The School Loan
Ideas Are Cheap, Execution Is King
Always There To Love You
Backdoor Pleasure
All I Got Is All I Need
Pecan Pie Daydreams
Wake Up And Fall In Love
There For Me
I'm Rubber / You're Glue
Bulldogs Bark Back
Superhero Party Crashers
Run Away With Me
Theft of the Commons
Jelly Man Wants To Dance
I Wanna Disappear
This Man Really Disappointed His Laptop
My Shirt Takes Off On Its Own Life Pathway
Super Scarce
Virtually A Real Boyfriend
The Clock Watcher
Buy The Past
Only on the Weekend
Pseudoscience R Us
Mix 'n' Match Frankensteins
Nah, Nada, Nothing, Zilch, Zero
High Expectations Low Results
The X Ethic
Trouble Connecting To WiFi
About Last Night
School Flirtations
Blow Up or Shut Up
How To Use (and avoid) Snapchat
Wasted On Him
Questionable Taste
Look Away For A Second And It Gets Worse
Woke Up Next To Your Ex-Girlfriend
Stealth Goth
Checklist Of Don'ts
If This Then That
Squirrels Are Forcing Me To Hate My Neighbour
Remember That Time We Tried to Do Things Differently? Yeah, Me Neither.
I Wanna Be 18 Again
Gluten Free Utopia
Handling Your Existential Crisis
I'm Sorry For Becoming A Bitter Person
Now I Feel Good
3D Porn Is Just My Opinion
All That Glitters Is Goldman
Pretty The Way You Drip
Stop And Smell My Vegetables
Squidge Snoops
Normal Is An Illusion
Delicious Bytes
Confident Feminist Simulator 2015
That's The Way The Token Crumbles
Been Had
Exiting The Parking Lot On A Magical Carpet
Comets Rip Their Tails Through August Skies
A Cookie For My Buddy
Smoke Weed Every Day And Stay High All The Time
Worst Case Scenario, Actually
Too commercial
Not-So-Open-Source Copyright
Favorite Neighborhood Crush
Sex, Drugs & the Benihana Marketplace
Lost In A Nebula
Acoustic Mazes
Sea Lion Man
How To Break Up With The Truth
Trader Joe's
Friends-Only Snapchat Story
Moot Point
Bayesian Conspiracy Theory
These Bitches Nosey
Blame It On The Strain
Social Media Dumpster Fire
Nietzsche's Cosmic Dream
Making My Way Back Home On A Broken Escalator
I Put The X In Sex
Wish You Were Beautiful
Greyscale 4 The Win
Not Getting Sexts During First Period Trig
Inside A Brain Cell
It's Not a Phase, Mom
Pyramidal Grimoire
Pregnant At My Highschool Prom
As The Clock Ticks Away
Never Been To Ibiza
A Kinder, Gentler Place To Live
Making Love In The Grand Canyon In June
We're All Gonna Make It
Halfway Psychic
Summertime Evenings
We Are The Replicants
Piss On Your PoW
Don't Even Try To Save Me
Shitty Water Colour Paintings
100 Percent Organic
Nuke from Orbit
Plastic Makes Perfect
Floating Down The River While Pooping Rainbows
Just Maybe I'm The One
The Red Flags Were There All Along
Personal Asphyxiation
On My Bad Days I'm Just Like You
Hesitation Is My Name And DO-OVER Is My Game
64oz Soda Cup
Cookie-Cutter Compliant
Force Quit
Sushi Delivery Drone
Therapy Session With A Cat
I'm A Professional Victim, What's Your Excuse?
The Plastic Bottle Song
Arbitrage On Steroids
Then Again, Maybe I Won't
Tap Dancing in a Minefield
Immortally Uninsured
Half-Assed Solutions
Oceans Bury The Pirates Who Never Wanted To Sail
Taking Credit
I Wanna See Your Batshit Crazy Sperm Count
Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200
Pepperoni Sunrise
Fishing In The Rainbow River
Put It On Me
The Box That Changed The World
Candy Hoes At The County Carnival
June Five Thirty
Noah's Arkcoin
Jerk At A Bar
My Phone Go Boom
Great Again
Accidental Brunch
Lazer Cat Adventures
When You Were Ten
Summer Heatwave
Wish I Was Popular
All The Same To Me
Red Barchetta
We Have Miles To Go Before We Sleep
Monster Trucks Off The Hook
The Smartest Guys In The Room
Busting Into Pieces
I've Got My Giant Pacific Octopus Arms To Hold Me Up
Hash Power
Stick to the Status Quo
Subject To Change Without Notice
Uber Girl
We are Younique People
The Audacity of Hopium
Strawberries With Wine Inside
Lighten Up Francis
Buying Happiness
Done It All
Pink Slip
Even Daft Punk Would Be Irritated By This
Roko's Basilisk
Rough Runts
Hope Is Not A Strategy
Naughty Bedtime Story
Love You Out Of My Brain
What Are the Odds?
Babies Are Cute, For Now
I'm Not Short I'm Fun Size
Lights On, Lights Off
L.A. Hairdo
I Wish I Knew How To Quit You
Beers Towards The Afternoon Horizon
I Love You Laura
You Do You
Stuck In My Feelings
You'll Never Know My Name
Water Drinkers vs. Juice Boys
Fishing For Your Smile In A Big Pond
Yellow Whale Jam
97% Fun Fact And 3% Sex Appeal
Known Unknowns
Leverage, Never Leave Home Without It
One Year Without You
Friend Zone Options
The Wisdom of Michelle Bachman
In Memoriam of Satoshi Nakamoto
Marooned On An Island Called My Mind
Tinder Break Up
Bye Felipe, You Can't Change Me
Bold As Love
Beauty But No Brains
What I Wish Were True
Stage 6 Clinger
Fantasy Land Is Just Fantasy
Unprogrammable Robot
Low Expectations
Blanket Party
Fresh In My Mind
Someday My Omelet Will Come Together
Selfie In A Baggy Sweater
The Imperfections Of A Snowflake
Hopped in the Aura
Indiana's Bones
Makeup Sex On A Hot Summer Night
Gross Old People Music
Party Through Your Pain
Fiat Currency Is The Elephant In The Room
In Case of Emergency, Break Glass
It Was a Good Run
Appearance Of Optimism
Yeasty Buttery Oranges
That's Why We Write Tests, Kid
All These Nerds And Nobody To Fuck
Compensatin' For Something
Sun Valley Road Once Traveled Upon
Evolution Will Eat Its Young
Backseat Gaming
Does This Make Me Look Fat?
Gamification of Everything
Yippee Ki-Yay Motherboard
X Marks The Spot
Wide-Awake and Dreaming
Glow In The Dark Sex
Sling Shot To My Heart
Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?
Chicken Little Was Right
Going To Be Okay
Fish N Fries Country Club
Tiny Hands
Kiss Me, Carrie Fisher
Two Songs in One
Drinking At A Hotel With Great Old Fashioned Glasses
Mysterious Ways Haunting Me
Supervillain Wedding
Climber on the Wall
This Is For The Girls
Reading Mean Tweets
90 Days Of Rage Quit
Takeover 3.0
High-Fructose Corn Syrup
Como una Princesa
No You Can't Have A Bite
No Rain No Flowers
Apathy is a Misdemeanor
Perfect Plastic
Spatial Sandstorm
Blowing It Up In The Big Room
Press X To Return To Reality
Lovin' The Fall
Moshi Moshi Singularity
The Luck of the Draw
Lane Splitting
Shot In The Heart, It Didn't Kill Me