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Apple Pay - complete blocking;
Apple - complete exit from the market;
Adidas - refusal to work with the national football team;
Audi - exit the market;
AMD - a ban on the supply of microchips and soon a ban on the supply of video cards;
British Petrolium - 20% of shares left Rosneft;
BBC - revocation of broadcasting licenses;
BMW - closes factories, blocks supplies;
Bolt - exit from the market;
Boeing - exit from the market;
Chevrolet - exit the market;
Danone - exit from the market together with a subsidiary of Prostokvashino;
Disney - Cancellation of all films;
Dell - exit from the market;
DHL - exit from the market;
Eurovision - disqualification;
Ericsson - exit from the market;
Exxon Mobil - recall all specialists from Russian oil companies;
FedEx - complete ban on deliveries;
Formula 1 - cancellation of the tournament in Sochi;
Ford - closes all stores;
FIFA - disqualification of the national team for the World Cup and a ban on holding any international matches in the Russian Federation;
General Motors - stops export;
HP - import ban;
Harley Davidson - stop deliveries;
Intel - ban on the supply of microchips;
Jaguar - exit the market;
Lenovo - exit from the market;
MOK - cancellation of all competitions;
MasterCard - suspension of card production, shutdown of several banks;
Megogo - delete all Russian films;
Mitsubishi - dismissal of employees of 141 service centers;
Microsoft Office - a wide range of measures are being discussed;
Netflix - a block for Russian subscriptions, stopping the production of Russian TV series;
Nike - delivery to Russia is closed;
Nestle - closes all 6 factories in the Russian Federation;
OnlyFans - closure in the country;
PayPal - freezing accounts for withdrawal;
Paramount - film distribution block;
PornHub - ban on access to content;
Porsche - exit from the Russian Federation;
Renault - exit from the market;
Samsung pay - service blocking;
Scania - exit from the Russian Federation;
Shell - termination of the contract with Gazprom;
Sony - film distribution block;
Twitter - it is impossible to register accounts for citizens of the Russian Federation;
Toyota - stop deliveries;
UEFA - cancellation of the Champions League final in St. Petersburg, a ban on all clubs from participating in the Champions League and the Champions League, termination of the contract with the general sponsor Gazprom;
UPS - complete ban on deliveries;
Universal pictures - film distribution block;
Visa - blocking banks under sanctions;
Volvo - leave the Russian Federation;
Yandex - exclusion of the company's shares from quotations on the NY stock exchange;
YouTube - blocking hundreds of RF channels and their monetization;
Warner Bros - cancellation of all film distribution;
Volkswagen - out of the country.
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