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Undervolting of AMD A8-4500M APU

Minimum stable voltages for AMD A8-4500M APU

Tested on my HP Pavilion g7 2269wm laptop.Voltages are -4 VIDs below the voltage where it BSODs or Kernel Panics to improve stability.

P-State Frequency Voltages
P-State 0 (pb0) 2.8 Ghz # How to test this one ?
P-State 1 (pb1) 2.3 Ghz VID:100 VCore:0.9250
P-State 2 (p0) 1.9 Ghz VID:114 VCore:0.8375
P-State 3 (p1) 1.8 Ghz VID:118 VCore:0.8125
P-State 4 (p2) 1.7 Ghz VID:119 VCore:0.8062
P-State 5 (p3) 1.6 Ghz VID:122 VCore:0.7875
P-State 6 (p4) 1.4 Ghz VID:128 VCore:0.7500
P-State 7 (p5) 900 Mhz VID:142 VCore:Unknown ?

Prime95 was used for the testing.Temperatures have gone from 88C to 76C

Apply these voltages using a tool like Turion Power Control (what I used , also cross-platform) or Linux PHC (didn't work for me)

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