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Casper.js change of file name to show url and saved to root screenshot directory ref:
var casper = require("casper").create(),
viewportSizes = [
url = casper.cli.args[0],
saveDir = ('');
saveName = url.replace(/[^a-zA-Z0-9]/gi, '-').replace(/^https?-+/, '');
casper.each(viewportSizes, function(self, viewportSize, i) {
// set two vars for the viewport height and width as we loop through each item in the viewport array
var width = viewportSize[0],
height = viewportSize[1];
//give some time for the page to load
casper.wait(5000, function() {
//set the viewport to the desired height and width
this.viewport(width, height);
casper.thenOpen(url, function() {
this.echo('Opening at ' + width + ' x ' + height);
//Set up two vars, one for the fullpage save, one for the actual viewport save
var FPfilename = saveDir + saveName + '-fullpage-' + width + ".png";
var ACfilename = saveDir + saveName + '-viewport-' + width + '-' + height + ".png";
//Capture selector captures the whole body
this.captureSelector(FPfilename, 'body');
//capture snaps a defined selection of the page
this.capture(ACfilename,{top: 0,left: 0,width: width, height: height});
this.echo('snapshot taken');
}); {
this.echo('Finished captures for ' + url).exit();
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