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Sulkar / Vektorgrafik Bäume und Berg.svg
Last active Jan 19, 2021
Beispiel SVG Code einer komplexen Vektorgrafik
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Sulkar /
Last active Dec 9, 2020
Script Executor: Klasse die in einer Variable erstellt werden kann -> bsp.: Bericht: Klassenübersicht
new bayern.asv.reports.api.groovy.ScriptExecutor("",/
import bayern.asv.reports.api.kl.datasources.schuelerliste.SchuelerlisteDatasourceConverter;
import de.isb.svp.domain.pojo.Klasse;
import de.isb.svp.domain.pojo.Klassengruppe;
import de.isb.svp.domain.pojo.SchuelerSchuljahr;
import java.util.Date;
Sulkar / default.html.twig
Created Mar 31, 2020
aus: /user/themes/myTheme/templates/flex/news/collection/
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<div class="entry-details">
{% if %}
<a href="{{ }}"><span class="newsTitle">{{ object.title }}</span></a>
{% else %}
<span class="name">{{ object.title }}</span>
{% endif %}
<div class="newsInfo">
{{ }}
Sulkar / default.html.twig
Created Mar 31, 2020
aus: /user/themes/myTheme/templates/flex/news/collection/
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<div id="flex-objects">
<div class="text-center">
<input class="form-input search" type="text" placeholder="Durchsuche die News" />
<button class="button button-primary sort asc" data-sort="name">
Sort by Name
{% set data = flex_entries.getData().toArray()|sort_by_key(title) %}
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title: News
description: News für die Startseite erstellen.
type: flex-objects
# Flex Configuration
# Administration Configuration
# Admin router (optional)
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<device manufacturer="Manufacturer" model="Model" columns="3" format="PRONTO_HEX" >
<button label="POWER" labelColor="FF000000" labelSize="20.0" backgroundColor="FFFFFFFF">0000 006D 0010 0000 000C 0044 000C 001C 000C 001C 000C 001C 000C 001C 000C 001C 000C 0044 000C 0044 000C 001C 000C 0044 000C 001C 000C 001C 000C 001C 000C 0044 000C 001C 000C 12FF</button>
Sulkar / 1. import
Last active Aug 13, 2017
[python] testing "import xxx" and "from xxx import xxx"
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# import random module
import random
tempRandom = random.randint(0, 9)
# lists all functions of the random module
Sulkar /
Created Aug 12, 2017
[python] non-blocking Tkinter thats uses .update_idletasks()
# non blocking Tkinter code -> uses of .update_idletasks()
import time
from tkinter import *
# Function: with timeout
def mySleep():
text.insert(INSERT, "start sleep\n")
Sulkar /
Last active Aug 12, 2017
[python] multithread example to not freeze/not block AppJar when sleep function is called
# Multithread AppJar example
import threading, time
from appJar import gui
def btn_normal(btnName):
app.addLabel("l1", "Label 1")
#call sleep Function for Label 2 in main thread
Sulkar /
Last active Aug 12, 2017
[python] merge files in folder
import shutil, os
# Function: merge files in current _dataDir folder!
def mergeFiles(_dataDir, _finalFileName):
if _dataDir == "":
print("Error no path available")
# output Filename
outfilename = os.path.join(_dataDir, _finalFileName)