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On vacation
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Adding Google Sign In With Rails and React

For this blog post we will be using ruby version 2.4.0 and rails version 5.1.4 as backend and React/Redux as frontend. Adding Google Sign in functionality in your application can be done in two popular ways.

  • Adding google sign in functionality in the frontend with google api client gapi.

  • Adding google sign in functionality logic in the backend server.

If your application has separate backendend with APIs feeding data to the frontend React application, I suggest you to follow the step 2. If you want yo enhance your application security, then you implement both.

View node-s3.js
* A simple S3 library written because the other implementation doesn't meet needs and is outdated.
* What this library is good for:
* ** Can send files any size (although S3 is currently limited at 5 gigs)
* ** Streams files from disk to socket -- minimal memory footprint and very efficient
* ** Uses sockets to support 100 Continue (especially usefull for large files)
* - the body is only sent after amazon approves the signed header