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MS windows powershell promt, (without git)
# Import module from previous step
Import-Module -Name posh-git
function Test-Administrator {
$user = [Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent();
(New-Object Security.Principal.WindowsPrincipal $user).IsInRole([Security.Principal.WindowsBuiltinRole]::Administrator)
function mklink { cmd /c mklink $args }
function prompt {
# Reset color, which can be messed up by Enable-GitColors
#$Host.UI.RawUI.ForegroundColor = $GitPromptSettings.DefaultForegroundColor
#$Host.UI.RawUI.BackgroundColor = "Black"
if (Test-Administrator) { # Use different username if elevated
Write-Host "(Elevated) " -NoNewline -ForegroundColor White
Write-Host "$ENV:USERNAME@" -NoNewline -ForegroundColor White -BackgroundColor DarkGreen
Write-Host "$ENV:COMPUTERNAME" -NoNewline -ForegroundColor White -BackgroundColor DarkGreen # -ForegroundColor Magenta
if ($s -ne $null) { # color for PSSessions
Write-Host " (`$s: " -NoNewline -ForegroundColor DarkGray
Write-Host "$($s.Name)" -NoNewline -ForegroundColor Yellow
Write-Host ") " -NoNewline -ForegroundColor DarkGray
Write-Host ":" -NoNewline -ForegroundColor DarkGray
Write-Host $($(Get-Location) -replace ($env:USERPROFILE).Replace('\','\\'), "~") -NoNewline -ForegroundColor Magenta
Write-Host " (" -NoNewline -ForegroundColor Gray
#Write-Host (Get-Date -Format G) -NoNewline -ForegroundColor DarkMagenta
Write-Host (Get-Date -Format G) -NoNewline -ForegroundColor Gray
Write-Host ")" -NoNewline -ForegroundColor Gray
Write-Host ""
return "> "
Set-Alias ls Get-ChildItemColor -option AllScope -Force
Set-Alias ll Get-ChildItemColor -option AllScope -Force
Set-Alias dir Get-ChildItemColor -option AllScope -Force

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