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Alexander Schepanovski Suor

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Suor /
Last active Oct 30, 2021
Different way to calculate struct size
import gc
import sys
import types
from collection import deque
import random
def getsize(obj):
BLACKLIST = type, types.ModuleType, types.FunctionType
if isinstance(obj, BLACKLIST):
Suor / mod_fix_ambitions.nut
Created Jan 21, 2021
Battle Brothers: debug ambitions not happening
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::mods_registerMod("mod_fix_ambitions", 0.1, "Fix ambitions not fullfilling");
::mods_queue("mod_fix_ambitions", "mod_hooks(>=19)", function() {
this.logInfo("fa: loading");
::mods_hookNewObject("ambitions/ambition_manager", function(obj) {
this.logInfo("fa: hook ambition manager");
local update = obj.update;
obj.update = function() {
this.logInfo("fa: ambitions.update available=" + this.isAvailable() + " ambition=" + this.m.ActiveAmbition);
Suor /
Created Jan 15, 2021
Get python structure total memory size
def getsize(obj):
import sys
from types import ModuleType, FunctionType
from gc import get_referents
BLACKLIST = type, ModuleType, FunctionType
if isinstance(obj, BLACKLIST):
raise TypeError('getsize() does not take argument of type: '+ str(type(obj)))
seen_ids = set()
size = 0
objects = [obj]
Suor / hook_on_init.nut
Last active Dec 5, 2020
Hook enemy onInit
View hook_on_init.nut
local gt = this.getroottable();
::mods_hookNewObject("entity/tactical/enemies/orc_berserker", function(o) {
this.logInfo("tb: hook orc_berserker");
local init = o.onInit;
o.onInit = function() {
this.logInfo("tb: orc_berserker onInit");
View tb_orc_berserker_agent.nut
this.tb_orc_berserker_agent <- this.inherit("scripts/ai/tactical/orc_berserker_agent", {
m = {},
function create()
this.m.Properties ...
function onAddBehaviors()
Suor / pprint.nut
Created Nov 11, 2020
Logger pretty printer in Squirrel
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::mods_registerMod("mod_standout_foes", 0.1, "Standout foes");
local gt = this.getroottable();
// Alias to make it easier for us inside. Things are still global and accessible from outside,
// so if anyone will want to write a mod for this mod then it should be easy enough.
local sf = gt.StandoutFoes <- {};
local Debug = gt.StandoutFoes.Debug <- {};
Suor /
Last active Mar 2, 2020
Web App doc


Language: Python 3.7.
Framework: Django, Django Rest Framework
Libraries: [django-allauth][], celery
Storage: PostgreSQL, Redis for cache and queues. May also use lazy queues over PostgreSQL, may shift non-lazy queues to RabbitMQ.


  • any popular framework chosen by front-end team,
Suor /
Created Feb 1, 2020
aioscrape perekrestok example
from aioscrape import settings, fetch, run
from parsechain import C
async def scrape():
resp = await fetch('')
'id': C.attr('data-id').int,
'name': C.attr('data-gtm-product-name')
Suor /
Created Aug 19, 2019
Generate files
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import argparse
import os
import sys
import random
from funcy import re_find
from tqdm import tqdm
def square (x):
return x ** 2
def increment (x):
return x + 1
def half (x):
return x / 2