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a reall new cool gist

title: "Skills Chart" author: "John Houghton" date: "11/21/2018" output: html_document

# Create data (could be way easier but it's late)
value1 <- abs(rnorm(6))*2
don <- data.frame(
  val=c( value1, value1+1+rnorm(6, 14,1) ,value1+1+rnorm(6, sd=1) ,value1+1+rnorm(6, 12, 1) ),
  grp=rep(c("grp1", "grp2", "grp3", "grp4"), each=6)
) %>%
  arrange(val) %>%
  mutate(x=factor(x, x))

# With a bit more style
ggplot(don) +
  geom_segment( aes(x=x, xend=x, y=0, yend=val), color="grey") +
  geom_point( aes(x=x, y=val, color=grp), size=3 ) +
  #theme_ipsum() +
    legend.position = "none",
    panel.border = element_blank(),
    panel.spacing = unit(0.1, "lines"),
    strip.text.x = element_text(size = 8)
  ) +
  xlab("") +
  ylab("Value of Y") +
  facet_wrap(~grp, ncol=1, scale="free_y")

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2

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