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Last active November 28, 2023 20:07
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New new project

Hi everyone.

If you're reading this, you must have been sticking around for about three years.*

I want to express my gratitude for everyone that has supported and encouraged me over this time.

Thank you.

I've said it many many times before, but I didn't expect the simple Side Project I made to receive so much attention. Because of that, many interesting things have happened, and now I can even spend my time making another one.

It seems both of us received a lot of happiness from this occurrence.

If it's okay, I would like to keep striving to do things that make both of us happy.

Let me know what you think about that.


I will make another.

I am making a level called "VERTICAL". It is my most complex released project so far.

Side Project was made in under a month, initially being a joke challenge for the individual "squirley". Initially, it was just a funny April Fools "Project", with its purpose being "something just to release it".

I ended up making parts that were so intense in terms of gameplay, that I could never replicate the feeling of them, even to this day.


What started as a joke Project ended up becoming my most memorable level.

How do I improve this.

Making something as good as the original

Multiple times have I tried making a "Side Project" succesor, with my first tries dating back to August 2022

The first encarnation of a so called "New Project" came to be LA GUERRA FRÍA EN RAP.

It was meant to be another intense level with a length of about 5 minutes, with a "song" that we considered too good to exist.

Within a month I already had about a minute of gameplay, but things slowed down as I ran out of ideas.

I came back to this idea of a "New Project" in November. That time, I wanted to make a proper Side Project sequel.


I ended up releasing a preview of that level, back in April Fools 2023, and also revealing the gameplay I had in LA GUERRA FRÍA EN RAP in the same video.

This was intentional as they were both "New Project"s spiritually after all.

But it was just too soulless compared to the original to be a good sequel.

VERTICAL: Deviating from the Project

VERTICAL is meant to be my last 2.1 Project, the result of years of experience making gameplay.

It is not a Side Project sequel. It's something completely new.

Every previous level of mine has had very inconsistent parts that made the whole level not fun to try from 0.

VERTICAL is not like this.

It has a very unique gimmick, that I will not reveal until the full showcase.

It also has many secrets hidden, some of them are only visible within the editor.

I will let you figure out how long this took to make.

Hopefully you can enjoy it.

- Superchupu


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