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Last active May 25, 2022 13:26
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G.A.S Bot Privacy Policy

G.A.S Bot Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the Discord Bot G.A.S Bot#6561

The bot only stores Guild, User, and Channel IDs inside the bot's database for the following reasons:

  • Guild IDs when you trigger the detector in a guild, used for the Guild Removed Count
  • User IDs when you trigger the detector, used for the User Removed Count
  • Channel IDs when you change the log channel, used for the detector log system (which can be manageable by the server moderators)

This data is stored only for the bot to function and is not shared with anyone else or used for any other reason. The data is stored on a SQLite3 database.

Users can "opt out" of moderation by leaving the server

Contact the developers of the bot if you have any concerns about the data at the Support Server

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