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A Clean & Customizable Weather module for Waybar
"custom/weather": {
"exec": "python ~/.config/waybar/scripts/",
"restart-interval": 300,
"return-type": "json",
"on-click": "xdg-open$(location_id)"
// "format-alt": "{alt}",
#custom-weather.severe {
color: #eb937d;
#custom-weather.sunnyDay {
color: #c2ca76;
#custom-weather.clearNight {
color: #2b2b2a;
#custom-weather.cloudyFoggyDay, #custom-weather.cloudyFoggyNight {
color: #c2ddda;
#custom-weather.rainyDay, #custom-weather.rainyNight {
color: #5aaca5;
#custom-weather.showyIcyDay, #custom-weather.snowyIcyNight {
color: #d6e7e5;
#custom-weather.default {
color: #dbd9d8;
#!/usr/bin/env python
import subprocess
from pyquery import PyQuery # install using `pip install pyquery`
import json
# weather icons
weather_icons = {
"sunnyDay": "滛",
"clearNight": "望",
"cloudyFoggyDay": "",
"cloudyFoggyNight": "",
"rainyDay": "",
"rainyNight": "",
"snowyIcyDay": "",
"snowyIcyNight": "",
"severe": "",
"default": "",
# get location_id
# to get your own location_id, go to & search your location.
# once you choose your location, you can see the location_id in the URL(64 chars long hex string)
# like this:
location_id = "c3e96d6cc4965fc54f88296b54449571c4107c73b9638c16aafc83575b4ddf2e" # TODO
# location_id = "8139363e05edb302e2d8be35101e400084eadcecdfce5507e77d832ac0fa57ae"
# priv_env_cmd = 'cat $PRIV_ENV_FILE | grep weather_location | cut -d "=" -f 2'
# location_id =
# priv_env_cmd, shell=True, capture_output=True).stdout.decode('utf8').strip()
# get html page
url = "" + location_id
html_data = PyQuery(url=url)
# current temperature
temp = html_data("span[data-testid='TemperatureValue']").eq(0).text()
# print(temp)
# current status phrase
status = html_data("div[data-testid='wxPhrase']").text()
status = f"{status[:16]}.." if len(status) > 17 else status
# print(status)
# status code
status_code = html_data("#regionHeader").attr("class").split(" ")[2].split("-")[2]
# print(status_code)
# status icon
icon = (
if status_code in weather_icons
else weather_icons["default"]
# print(icon)
# temperature feels like
temp_feel = html_data(
"div[data-testid='FeelsLikeSection'] > span > span[data-testid='TemperatureValue']"
temp_feel_text = f"Feels like {temp_feel}c"
# print(temp_feel_text)
# min-max temperature
temp_min = (
html_data("div[data-testid='wxData'] > span[data-testid='TemperatureValue']")
temp_max = (
html_data("div[data-testid='wxData'] > span[data-testid='TemperatureValue']")
temp_min_max = f" {temp_min}\t\t{temp_max}"
# print(temp_min_max)
# wind speed
wind_speed = html_data("span[data-testid='Wind']").text().split("\n")[1]
wind_text = f"煮 {wind_speed}"
# print(wind_text)
# humidity
humidity = html_data("span[data-testid='PercentageValue']").text()
humidity_text = f" {humidity}"
# print(humidity_text)
# visibility
visbility = html_data("span[data-testid='VisibilityValue']").text()
visbility_text = f" {visbility}"
# print(visbility_text)
# air quality index
air_quality_index = html_data("text[data-testid='DonutChartValue']").text()
# print(air_quality_index)
# hourly rain prediction
prediction = html_data("section[aria-label='Hourly Forecast']")(
"div[data-testid='SegmentPrecipPercentage'] > span"
prediction = prediction.replace("Chance of Rain", "")
prediction = f"\n\n  (hourly) {prediction}" if len(prediction) > 0 else prediction
# print(prediction)
# tooltip text
tooltip_text = str.format(
f'<span size="xx-large">{temp}</span>',
f"{visbility_text}\tAQI {air_quality_index}",
# print waybar module data
out_data = {
"text": f"{icon} {temp}",
"alt": status,
"tooltip": tooltip_text,
"class": status_code,
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ghost commented Feb 7, 2023

@CerealKiller-John thanks. I've mostly used font-awesome icons and few icons from nerd-fonts. This is my setup:

Thank you, I also was wondering is there a way to incorporate current location into this? As I am using it on a laptop, I wouldn't really need to know my home forecast if I am not at home. I know I could update the key, but I was wondering if there was an easier way?

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I also was wondering is there a way to incorporate current location into this?

I guess you can get your lat-long from laptop's GPS and submit it to's HTML form (using a similar script) and get location id from redirection URL. It'll a bit complicated and will depend on the accuracy of your GPS. Anyway, you might be better off with some API from weather providers at that point.

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Hello there! Thanks for this wonderful module. In the past few days, I've realized that the "Feels like" section inside the tooltip does not print out any value. I'm not sure why, as the values seem to align with the website its scrapes from. Any ideas about how to fix?

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Looks like they've added one more <span> wrapper around the temp value. Anyway I've fixed it for now. Cheers.

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Is it possible to get Fahrenheit? I notice there is no separate URL for Fahrenheit on the website, guess some JS handling or something.

Possible to get 5-day?

When I click the popup/dropdown thing, goes to 404 page:

ie. missing location_id at that point.

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