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Last active May 26, 2020

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So these are my recent projects!

My Projects


  • Rathumakara FM Dashboard - Rathumakara FM is Sri Lanka's first open mic online radio channel. I did this dashboard to control the discord bot that is used to play tracks for the channel. Project Image
  • Southern Province Land Department - This is the official website of Southern Province Land Department, Sri Lanka. The website contains a general web for public as well as a system to analyze profit and to manage staff documents. I was the frontend developer of this project. Project Image
  • Richmond Live - This is the official android app for Lovers Quarrel 2019, the annual cricket encounter of Richmond and Mahinda colleges. Frontend development was done by myself and one another. Project Image
  • Find-A-Restaurant - A simple app design for a restaurant finder app.Project Image
  • Rathumakara Desktop App - A desktop app to stream Rathumakara FM from anywhere in the world. Available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Project Image
  • Richmond Live Chrome Plugin - This is an extension for Google Chrome browser to get realtime score of Richmond - Mahinda annual cricket encounter. Project Image
  • UniAcc - An Android app that can be used to find boarding places for university students. Done by team G5X (Hirusha Chamod, Maheshi Yatipansalawa, Manul Madara, Dilhani Gamhatha and Myself as the UI/UX and frontend developer) Project Image
  • Nilas Holidays - Website for Nilas Guesthouse - Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka Project Image
  • TwitterWall - A social wall which fetches tweets from a certain hashtag and shows them realtime. Project Image
  • RichMUN App - Official Mobile app of RichMUN 2018 Conference. Project Image
  • NOI Website - Official Website for National Olympiad in Informatics. Project Image
  • COVID-19 Brew Package - Covid19-cli is a simple command line tool that shows the statistics of COVID-19 diseace.Available on HomeBrew Project Image
  • COVID-19 Gist Updater - Gets updates from Sri Lanka Health Ministry and updates your Gist once in every 12 hours Project Image
  • Heroku Deploy with Telegram - A simple Github Action to deploy to Heroku and notify via Telegram. Got featured in Github Actions Hackathon Homepage and made into the Winners List as well. Project Image
  • VolunteerME - A platform to publish and manage volunteering events around you. Won runners up prize at Twilio x Dev hackathon 2020. Project Image
  • Furgetmenot - A platform to adopt and give away pets. Project Image


  • Halcyon Logo - I designed this logo for a Halcyon guest house, Bandarawela.
  • UniAcc UI - This was my UI design for UniAcc app.
  • Project Appidermis - We've been working on to develop an app that is capable of identifying skin deceases with machine learning and computer vision at Iconicto and the UI was done by me.
  • Rathumakara TV - Rathumakara FM is Sri Lanka's first open mic online radio channel. As a subsidiary, we introduced Rathumakara TV for video content. This is still in development stage and I am the UI designer as well as the developer.
  • Cricket Match App - A UI design for a cricket live score app.

Special Projects

  • Microsoft Open Source contributions - During Hacktoberfest 2018 I submitted a PR including support for Sinhala Language for DOS.
  • Everything Flutter - "Everything Flutter" was out solution under the theme "Flutter without boundaries" during Hack19; First International Flutter hackathon. My team and I were the winners of Sri Lanka and first runners up in the international competition.

IoT Projects

  • Internet Controlled LED - This is one of the basic concepts of IoT and I did a simple project to turn an LED on and OFF using internet. This project can be transformed into quite complex systems and I wrote a full tutorial explaining everything.
  • Mee Yeah - "Mee Yeah" is a micro mouse me and my team made for RoboFest 2018.
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