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Simple script to see how far users scroll on a website
(function ($) {
$.waypoints.settings.scrollThrottle = 30;
try {
mpmetrics = new MixpanelLib("<api_key>");
} catch(err) {
var null_fn = function () {};
mpmetrics = {
track: null_fn,
track_funnel: null_fn,
track_links: null_fn,
register: null_fn,
register_once: null_fn,
register_funnel: null_fn,
identify: null_fn
$(".entry p").each(function (i, el) {
$(el).waypoint(function (event, direction) {
if (direction === "down") {
mpmetrics.track("Paragraph "+i, {url: window.location.href,
index: i});
}, {offset: 'bottom-in-view'});
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