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An OkHttp ResponseBody to observe download progress. It's the sample migrated to Kotlin:
private const val EXHAUSTED_SOURCE = -1L
* A [ResponseBody] that informs a [ProgressListener] about the download progress.
class DownloadProgressBody(
private val responseBody: ResponseBody,
private val progressListener: ProgressListener
) : ResponseBody() {
private var bufferedSource: BufferedSource? = null
override fun contentType(): MediaType? = responseBody.contentType()
override fun contentLength(): Long = responseBody.contentLength()
override fun source(): BufferedSource? {
if (bufferedSource == null) {
bufferedSource = Okio.buffer(source(responseBody.source()))
return bufferedSource
private fun source(source: Source): Source {
return object : ForwardingSource(source) {
var totalBytesRead = 0L
override fun read(sink: Buffer, byteCount: Long): Long {
val bytesRead =, byteCount)
// read() returns the number of bytes read, or -1 if this source is exhausted.
totalBytesRead += if (bytesRead != EXHAUSTED_SOURCE) bytesRead else 0L
progressListener.update(totalBytesRead, responseBody.contentLength(), bytesRead == EXHAUSTED_SOURCE)
return bytesRead
* Callback getting informed when the download progress of [DownloadProgressBody] updates.
interface ProgressListener {
* Informs this listener that the download progress was updated.
* @param bytesRead The bytes that have been read.
* @param contentLength The total bytes that are being read.
* @param done Whether the download is complete.
fun update(bytesRead: Long, contentLength: Long, done: Boolean)
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