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ModCord ReadMe.


ModCord is a simple multi function bot. It includes moderation, music and live radio functions! The default prefix of the bot is m!.

If you need support please don't be afraid to ask us on the ModCord discord server

Support Server:

Invite ModCord: with this link

Vote for the bot: on


🎵 Music

🎵 Music

m!nowplaying - View the current song being played.
m!pause/resume - Pause/Resume the music.
m!play - Play a song.
m!queue - View the songs in the queue.
m!skip - Skip the current song.
m!stop - Leave the voice channel.
m!volume - Change the volume.
🔨 Moderation

🔨 Moderation

m!ban - Ban a member from the server.
m!kick - Kick a member from the server.
m!mute - Mute a member on the server.
m!purge - Delete 1-100 messages at one time.
⚙️ Misc

⚙️ Misc

m!botinfo - View the bot statistics.
m!bugreport - Report a bug needing fixing.
m!credits - View the bot developers and sponsors.
m!ping - Check the bot ping.
m!prefix - Change the bot prefix.
m!suggest - Suggest an idea/something you'll like to see added to the bot.
m!uptime - Check the bots uptime.
😆 Fun

😆 Fun

m!achievement - Get a text on an achievement message!
m!joke - Get a funny message!
m!meme - Sends a random meme.
📚 Info

📚 Info

m!help - Get info on a command.
📻 Radio

📻 Radio

m!radio - Plays a live radio.
m!rstop - Stops the live radio.

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Privacy Policy

By using out bot you agree the that you have read and you have agreed to this policy.

Personal information may be asked when truly needed. All personal data is collected with the knowledge and consent of the user. Why the data is collected and how it'll be used will first be informed to the user.

Information is kept until no longer needed to improve the overall user experience. We store data on a private server and ensure the best of our ability to protect the data.

Personal information which may assist identify a user isn't shared publicly, this applies with any third-parties aswell with the exception of the law.

Some links the bot uses aren't operated by us. Therefore, we truly advise you to try avoid the sites as they may lead to malicious websites. Due to us having no control over the content of the website we cannot take responsibility.

You have all the right to refuse the right to use private information, please note that due to this some services may not work as expected.

If you wish to have your data removed please contact a head developer on the offical support discord server.

Support Server:

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