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Activate BabelEdit temporarily / Unlimited trial
# BabelEdit Millennium Trial
Obviously for educative purposes only.
Furthermore, this DOESN'T activate BabelEdit permanently.
If you like the software, buy it, the devs deserve it.
1. Add to hosts file:
2. Install BabelEdit
3. If you've already used your trial, open up REGEDIT (Windows+R, type regedit, Enter) and delete this entire key:
4. Open BabelEdit, click "Try BabelEdit". It will try to activate over the internet and fail
5. Open the URL in first box
6. Copy the "Activation data" into a Base64 decoder eg. and decode it
7. In your favorite text editor change the "expiryDate" of your trial in the following two lines:
Line 23:
Line 73:
8. Copy the text to a Base64 encoder ex. and encode it again
9. Past the encoded Base64 in the second box of BabelEdit
10. Press "Activate". BabelEdit will open. Profit :)
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