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Created June 12, 2023 10:14
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System-wide shell profile for sh-based shells (e.g. sh, bash, zsh, tcsh)
# Colorize terminal for micro editor
export TERM
# Some generic alias
alias su="su -l"
alias"top -I -z -t -a -o cpu"
alias gh="history|grep"
# even more generic
alias h='fc -l'
alias j=jobs
alias m="$PAGER"
alias ll='ls -laFo'
alias l='ls -l'
alias g='egrep -i'
# alias cp='cp -ip'
# alias mv='mv -i'
# alias rm='rm -i'
# Set tabstop to 8 (similiar to micro)
# tabs -8
# set prompt: ``username@hostname:directory $ ''
PS1='[\u@\H \w]\$ '
export PS1
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