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this is a smart contract with solidity to implement multi send transactions on ethereum
pragma solidity >=0.7.0 <0.9.0;
contract MultiSend {
// to save the owner of the contract in construction
address private owner;
// to save the amount of ethers in the smart-contract
uint total_value;
// event for EVM logging
event OwnerSet(address indexed oldOwner, address indexed newOwner);
// modifier to check if the caller is owner
modifier isOwner() {
// If the first argument of 'require' evaluates to 'false', execution terminates and all
// changes to the state and to Ether balances are reverted.
// This used to consume all gas in old EVM versions, but not anymore.
// It is often a good idea to use 'require' to check if functions are called correctly.
// As a second argument, you can also provide an explanation about what went wrong.
require(msg.sender == owner, "Caller is not owner");
* @dev Set contract deployer as owner
constructor() payable{
owner = msg.sender; // 'msg.sender' is sender of current call, contract deployer for a constructor
emit OwnerSet(address(0), owner);
total_value = msg.value; // msg.value is the ethers of the transaction
// the owner of the smart-contract can chage its owner to whoever
// he/she wants
function changeOwner(address newOwner) public isOwner {
emit OwnerSet(owner, newOwner);
owner = newOwner;
* @dev Return owner address
* @return address of owner
function getOwner() external view returns (address) {
return owner;
// charge enable the owner to store ether in the smart-contract
function charge() payable public isOwner {
// adding the message value to the smart contract
total_value += msg.value;
// sum adds the different elements of the array and return its sum
function sum(uint[] memory amounts) private returns (uint retVal) {
// the value of message should be exact of total amounts
uint totalAmnt = 0;
for (uint i=0; i < amounts.length; i++) {
totalAmnt += amounts[i];
return totalAmnt;
// withdraw perform the transfering of ethers
function withdraw(address payable receiverAddr, uint receiverAmnt) private {
// withdrawls enable to multiple withdraws to different accounts
// at one call, and decrease the network fee
function withdrawls(address payable[] memory addrs, uint[] memory amnts) payable public isOwner {
// first of all, add the value of the transaction to the total_value
// of the smart-contract
total_value += msg.value;
// the addresses and amounts should be same in length
require(addrs.length == amnts.length, "The length of two array should be the same");
// the value of the message in addition to sotred value should be more than total amounts
uint totalAmnt = sum(amnts);
require(total_value >= totalAmnt, "The value is not sufficient or exceed");
for (uint i=0; i < addrs.length; i++) {
// first subtract the transferring amount from the total_value
// of the smart-contract then send it to the receiver
total_value -= amnts[i];
// send the specified amount to the recipient
withdraw(addrs[i], amnts[i]);
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