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TN-1/ Secret

Created Apr 8, 2021
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# EXIFFixer for DJI Spark
# Takes in an exported csv flight log from Airdata UAV and a list of photos and using a few assumptions updates
# the location data in EXIF to be much more accurate. Because fuck DJI.
# Assumptions: An orded list of image names is in chronological order to photos taken in the flight log, and no images are missing.
# IE: There needs to be a 1-1 relationship between images listed and images present in the flight log.
from exif import Image
from csv import reader
# Decimal degrees to DMS, from Stackoverflow <3
def decdeg2dms(dd):
dd = float(dd)
is_positive = dd >= 0
dd = abs(dd)
minutes, seconds = divmod(dd * 3600, 60)
degrees, minutes = divmod(minutes, 60)
#degrees = degrees if is_positive else -degrees ####Lock to positive numbers since it doesnt affect our case.
return (degrees, minutes, seconds)
# Setup variables
data = []
dataClean = []
images = []
imageNames = ['DJI_1731.JPG', 'DJI_1734.JPG', 'DJI_1737.JPG', 'DJI_1740.JPG', 'DJI_1743.JPG', 'DJI_1746.JPG', 'DJI_1749.JPG', 'DJI_1752.JPG', 'DJI_1755.JPG',
'DJI_1732.JPG', 'DJI_1735.JPG', 'DJI_1738.JPG', 'DJI_1741.JPG', 'DJI_1744.JPG', 'DJI_1747.JPG', 'DJI_1750.JPG', 'DJI_1753.JPG', 'DJI_1733.JPG',
'DJI_1736.JPG', 'DJI_1739.JPG', 'DJI_1742.JPG', 'DJI_1745.JPG', 'DJI_1748.JPG', 'DJI_1751.JPG', 'DJI_1754.JPG']
# Load CSV into a list of lists
with open('input.csv', 'r') as read_obj:
csv_reader = reader(read_obj)
data = list(csv_reader)
data.pop(0) #Get rid of column headers
# Only keep the indexs with images
for i, row in enumerate(data):
if row[24] == '1':
dataClean.insert(i, row)
# Load images to update EXIF
for i, imageName in enumerate(imageNames):
with open(imageName, "rb") as image:
images.insert(i, Image(image))
# Go through all images, find the correct location data and update
# GPS Information lat:data[i][2] long:data[i][3]
# Time data[i][1]
for i, image in enumerate(images):
image.gps_latitude = decdeg2dms(data[i][2])
image.gps_longitude = decdeg2dms(data[i][3])
print(f"{i} {decdeg2dms(data[i][2])} {decdeg2dms(data[i][3])}")
print(f"{i} {image.gps_latitude} {image.gps_latitude_ref} {image.gps_longitude} {image.gps_longitude_ref}")
# Save images
for i, imageName in enumerate(imageNames):
with open(imageName, 'wb') as image:
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