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Last active July 30, 2019 09:16
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CRI ADX2のシーケンスコールバックをいい感じの構造体に包んで返してくれるやつ
using System;
namespace CriWareExtensions
public static class CriAtomExSequencerExtension
public delegate void EventCbFunc(CriSequenceParam param);
public static void SetEventCallback(EventCbFunc callback)
CriAtomExSequencer.SetEventCallback((e) =>
string[] arr = e.Split('\t');
new CriSequenceParam(
eventPosition: Convert.ToUInt64(arr[0]),
eventId: Convert.ToUInt32(arr[1]),
playId: Convert.ToUInt32(arr[2]),
eventType: arr[3],
eventTag: arr[4]
public struct CriSequenceParam
public ulong eventPosition { get; }
public uint eventId { get; }
public uint playId { get; }
public string eventType { get; }
public string eventTag { get; }
public CriSequenceParam(ulong eventPosition, uint eventId, uint playId, string eventType, string eventTag)
this.eventPosition = eventPosition;
this.eventId = eventId;
this.playId = playId;
this.eventType = eventType;
this.eventTag = eventTag;
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