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Eugenio Marletti Takhion

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Takhion / TwitterHandle.kt
Last active Feb 20, 2020 — forked from raulraja/TwitterHandle.kt
Type Refinements with Type Proofs in Kotlin
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/* Coming up ~ April 2020 */
package test
import arrow.*
inline class TwitterHandle
private constructor(val handle: String) {
companion object : Refined<String> {
override val validate: String.() -> Map<String, Boolean> = {
View CloseableRefCallback.kt
interface Cleanup {
fun registerForCleanup(onCleanup: () -> Unit): Closeable
class CloseableRefCallback<T : Cleanup>(
private val callback: T.() -> Unit
) : Closeable {
private val resourceRef = AtomicReference<Pair<T, Closeable>?>(null)
git rebase "$(git merge-base HEAD master)" -x 'git commit --amend -C HEAD --date="$(date -R)" && sleep 1.05'
Takhion / CallbackUtils.kt
Created May 26, 2019
[Kotlin/Native] CallbackUtils.kt
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import kotlinx.cinterop.ObjCAction
import kotlinx.cinterop.StableRef
import platform.AppKit.NSControl
import platform.Foundation.NSSelectorFromString
import platform.darwin.NSObject
import platform.objc.OBJC_ASSOCIATION_RETAIN
import platform.objc.objc_setAssociatedObject
* Specify a [callback][onAction] for an [NSControl] action, instead of setting
Takhion / ConvertJavaFilesToKotlin.kt
Created May 11, 2019
Convert Java files to Kotlin without the IDE
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// adapted from
package me.eugeniomarletti
import com.intellij.codeInsight.ContainerProvider
import com.intellij.codeInsight.NullabilityAnnotationInfo
import com.intellij.codeInsight.NullableNotNullManager
import com.intellij.codeInsight.runner.JavaMainMethodProvider
import com.intellij.core.CoreApplicationEnvironment
import com.intellij.core.JavaCoreApplicationEnvironment
Takhion / 0_ViewModelHacks.kt
Last active Apr 10, 2019
Expose `ViewModel.clear()`
View 0_ViewModelHacks.kt
package android.arch.lifecycle
fun ViewModel.clear() = clear()
View RuntimeOnlyParcelable.kt
import android.content.Intent
import android.os.Parcel
import android.os.Parcelable
import java.util.UUID
import java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap
* A special [Parcelable] that carries an in-memory reference to any instance of type [T], which will obviously
Takhion / PairNestedDestructuring.kt
Last active Aug 29, 2022
Kotlin `Pair` nested destructuring
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package me.eugeniomarletti.util.destructuring.pair.nested
object NoDestructuring
typealias PairA<A> = Pair<A, *>
typealias PairB<B> = Pair<*, B>
//region nesting level: 1
Takhion / 0_build.gradle.kts
Last active Apr 3, 2019
Kotlin generics are 🍌🍌🍌
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// ...stuff...
tasks.withType<org.jetbrains.kotlin.gradle.tasks.KotlinCompile> {
kotlinOptions {
freeCompilerArgs = listOf(
Takhion / 1_property.kt
Created Sep 16, 2018
Kotlin property delegate utils
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import kotlin.reflect.KProperty
private typealias GetValue<This, R> = (thisRef: This, property: KProperty<*>) -> R
private typealias SetValue<This, R> = (thisRef: This, property: KProperty<*>, value: R) -> Unit
inline fun <This, R> property(
crossinline getValue: GetValue<This, R>
) =