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Last active Sep 3, 2016
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Brief explanation of the relevant classes in the project
- Makes logins on the server
- Web requests from the client go here
- A valid login creates and saves a session with the appropriate session (aka Tanner.SGPSession)
- The session is saved to S3
- An instance of the lambda function called "cardTanner" is invoked
- We deserialized the result of the invokation to the phone
- This deserialization is a S2CDTO (Call 1 will return the home screen of a TannerSession)
- The jar that is uploaded to AWS (cardTanner)
- Pulls down the existing session and calls next on the TannerSession object
- Creates the TannerSession object if this is the first time called
- This represents the interaction point between the user and the login for Tanner
- Makes5MinuteTest/Make2MinuteTest - Accepts state if I want to prepopulate employee data
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