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Understanding Steering Behaviors: Seek
using UnityEngine;
public class Seek : MonoBehaviour
private Transform pointer;
public float speed = 1.0f;
public float mass = 1.0f;
private Vector2 curVelocity;
private void Start()
pointer = FindObjectOfType<Pointer>().transform;
curVelocity =;
private void Update()
Vector2 desiredVelocity = (pointer.position - transform.position).normalized * speed;
Vector2 steering = desiredVelocity - curVelocity;
steering = steering / mass;
curVelocity += steering;
transform.Translate(curVelocity * Time.deltaTime );

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@HonorsoftEntertainment HonorsoftEntertainment commented Feb 23, 2020

the script is misnamed or you have a type-o in the class name.
SteeringSeek.cs should have the class named "SteeringSeek" not "Seek"

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