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Last active Jun 14, 2022
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Simple example script to send a message to Slack in Python
'''Simple example script below is quite straightforward.
Although Slack recommends integrating to it by writing Apps[1],
the old-school webhook integration still works as well
import json
import os
import sys
from requests import codes, post
from robot.api import ExecutionResult
# Get the Slack webhook url ( from environment variable so we do not expose it needlessly
URL = os.environ.get('SLACK_URL', None)
if URL is None:
raise Exception('$SLACK_URL env var not defined D:')
# message template used for the message
Updating the following dependencies have resulted in {test_status}:
def post_to_slack(message):
r = post(URL, data=json.dumps({'text': message}))
if r.status_code != codes.ok: # only output something if there's a failure
r.raise_for_status() # in case of erroneous response, throw an exception
def main(robot_output, new_requirements, original_requirements):
# parse test execution status from output.xml using Robot Framework’s API (
robot_result = ExecutionResult(robot_output)
test_run_passed = bool( == 0)
# read in both requirement files: the old, known dependencies and the ones used in the test execution
with open(new_requirements, 'r') as f:
new_requirements = f.readlines()
# separate dependency name and version to make comparing dependencies easier
new_requirements = [line.split('==') for line in new_requirements]
with open(original_requirements, 'r') as f:
old_requirements = f.readlines()
old_requirements = sorted(line.split('==') for line in old_requirements)
# new_requirements now has more dependencies than old_requirements
# only retain original *main level* dependecies
# others are sub-dependencies we do not want
new_requirements = sorted(filter(lambda req: req[0] in [r[0] for r in old_requirements],
# format the message to be posted to Slack
msg = TEXT.format(test_status='PASS' if test_run_passed else 'FAIL',
deps='\n'.join(f'{"==".join(dep[0])} => {"==".join(dep[1])}'
for dep in zip(old_requirements,
if __name__ == '__main__':
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