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Intro to Ruby Reminders
Interpolated strings must be enclosed in double quotes. The Ruby interpreter will not search for interpolated values in a string if single quotes are used:
ex. p 'hello #{3}'
Notice the decimal used in the assignment of the rate variable. Decimals in programming are called Floats.
Notice the usage of the _ in the assignment of the principal variable. Ruby allows an _ to be used in numbers for better readability. Although an _ can be placed anywhere in a number, the best practice is to place them where a comma would normally be placed. (e.g. 1_000_000).
def can_buy_apple_with?(money)
if money > 5
"have an apple"
Ruby provides operators that add conditional logic to if statements. Specifically, the double ampersand && and double vertical bar || are logical operators that represent "and" and "or"
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