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Last active Jan 10, 2021
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Today I learned...

Day 62/100:

I spent some time on this coding problem using hashes and for in (new to me) loops this morning. The solution works but do you have something cleaner / more efficient?…


Day 61/100:

I'm using #vagrant for the first time. It was a bit difficult to wrap my head around it at first but now it makes sense!



I wrote a couple solutions for merging two sorted arrays in #javascript.

What do you think?


Day 54/100:

I learned how to cherry-pick commits today!


Day 53/100:

I watched this great @Dropbox talk about scaling.

Any other coding talks I should check out?


Day 52/100:

Today I learned more about Git Flow and merging branches correctly. Heres a great article:

Do you use a tool like Fork for managing commits and branches?


Day 51/100:

Edited my first engineering podcast today! Hope to post it this week...


Day 50/100:

I kept getting the same type of comparing two array questions in technicals so I spent some time today figuring out a good hash solution. What do you think?

#100DaysOfCode #javascript

Day 49/100: is live! I learned a lot about #css building this page.


Day 48/100:

Prepping for my #reactjs final tomorrow.


Day 47/100:

It's a code kicked my ass day. Two lessons learned: 1. Test your coding projects to make sure they work if you follow your readme before you turn them in. 2. I need to get better at deconstructing a problem I'm not immediately able to solve. Learning.


Day 46/100:

Deliberate Daily Practice in #JavaScript keeps my coding abilities sharp so I can perform well in technical interviews. I built a repo with practice questions:

I want to add .indexOf(), .includes(), .sort(), and .join() next.


Day 45/100:

Do you follow a system when asked a question in Technical Interviews? I've heard of things from DICE to a 15 point plan. I always try to make sure I understand the problem, have an example input, and then add Pseudocode while talking out loud.


Day 44/100:

I spent all day yesterday and a good chunk of the morning on a take-home coding challenge. There were plenty of frustrating moments but it feels great to overcome something difficult.


Day 43/100:

I learned how to use and work with the @media rule in #CSS! It's very helpful in building a responsive single-page app. Any other CSS tricks I should know?


Day 42/100:

I discovered the Syntax Podcast with @wesbos and @stolinski! Love the client vs server validation episode.

Any other #webdevelopment or #javascript podcasts I should be listening to?


Day 41/100:

Used Live Share in #VScode last night for the first time. It was pretty easy to get running. Anyone use another tool for paring/screen sharing while coding?


Day 40/100:

I discovered #canvas today and played around with it in #CSS and #javascript. Has any one used it for a project/product they can show me?


Day 39/100:

I spent 15-30 minutes every day last week drilling #javascript methods so I didn't get rusty during the holiday. It helped a lot when I got back to work this morning!


Day 38/100:

Some days it's the little things... I have finally memorized that Shift + Option + Down will duplicate a line of code in #vscode below the current line. So helpful.


Day 37/100:

What methods/functions do you use the most in JavaScript? I find myself using .forEach often but there are lots of options I'm unaware of.


Day 36/100:

Today I learned about console.table(). I started with Ruby so console.log() just seemed like a convoluted way to write p or puts. What other console.'s should I know?


Day 35/100:

I've been working with #CSS again to sure up some of the knowledge I learned when I first started coding again. I just used :root for the first time.


Day 34/100:

Big O. I'm working on wrapping my head around data structures and algorithms better and I'm just getting started. Any tips on how to keep O(n), O(n log n), O(log n), O(1), etc straight in your head?


Day 33/100:

Wow! I finally finished this fantastic #javascript course on #udemy.

It was incredibly helpful in helping me become comfortable with vanilla JavaScript. You can pick it up for $10 right now!


Day 32/100:

Today I learned about Destructuring in #JavaScript. I feel like this will become more and more useful as applications become more complicated.


Day 31/100:

Rest Parameters!?! So useful. It makes it much easier to take large sets of arguments into my functions in #JavaScript.


Day 30/100:

I've been working with #CSS today and pulling out the pieces I need from a theme rather than linking to the entire thing. Who are the CSS wizards who make these things???


Day 29/100:

Background Dev music is very important when taking on a multi-hour coding assessment.


Day 28/100:

Refactoring another #javascript app today to use webpack. Modern JavaScript is so complex! I wonder what it will look like in 5 years. Until then import...


Day 27/100:

It's a windy one here in Chicago! I'm working on integrating a weather #api in my app that helps people stay in touch. On a day like today, it would not recommend taking a walk with a friend.


Day 26/100:

Today I learned the difference between dependencies and devDependencies in a package.json file. It's one of those things I never thought about until I said, "Huh... Why does ESLint go down here?"


Day 25/100:

Code has been kicking my butt the last few days. I struggled to get a working C# setup in #vscode, battled with #vuenative and #cordova, and have been wrapping my head around #Webpack. Pushing through!


Day 24/100:

Today I learned about using Babel and Webpack. I have a large #JavaScript project I want to work correctly on browsers other than Chrome.


Day 23/100:

Today I learned about Scripts in package.json file. I wish I knew this a few weeks ago. Saves a lot of time haha


Day 22/100:

Last week I deployed a few static apps using @netlify. Today I'm deploying a larger #rails and #vue app using @heroku to my own domain... Fingers Crossed.


Day 21/100:

I've been getting in the habit of using branches in @github and #Git. It's a little slower when I'm coding alone but it makes it easier to track my code on longer projects.


Day 20/100:

Working on integrating @twilio into a #rails and #vue app. So cool to see SMS working correctly after a couple hours of work!


Day 19/100:


Day 18/100:

I worked on pushing two #javascript sites out today using Netlify and Surge. They are both great options to get simple projects online. I like Surge a bit better because it can all be done in the command line.


Day 17/100:

I missed yesterday because I was working the polls in #Chicago. Today it is easy to refresh the news over and over but I WILL FINISH MY #JAVASCRIPT PROJECT! Just a little more #CSS before it's ready to push to #heroku


Day 16/100:

I was styling two #javascript apps I built recently when I discovered to use .classList.add("") to add a class to a generated item. Makes it much easier to style everything!

#100DaysOfCode #HTML5 #CSS

Day 15/100:

A few days ago I mentioned my first open-source pull request accepted. I had 3 others accepted and qualified for a prize with Hacktoberfest 2020. (On the last day!)

Thanks @digitalocean!

#100DaysOfCode #Hacktoberfest2020

Day 14/100:

I've officially made it. A recruiter from Amazon reached out to me about a SWD role! Time to get started on the algo practice... Jokes aside I finally cemented Bubblesort in my brain after several attempts over the last few weeks!


Day 13/100:

My first pull request merged on an open-source project today. I've worked on other projects but not one where I didn't know the creator. It was a bit scary but exciting to see that my code had been accepted and to be added to the contributor's list!


Day 12/100:

I finished a coding assessment in C# this morning! I haven't touched the language before so it was interesting to say the least. Reminds me of my start in recruiting when I was only working on C#, http://ASP.NET MVC roles.


Day 11/100:

I found about the Fetch API in #JavaScript and I have been replacing .open and .send requests with Fetch to try it out. It works much better with Promises!


Day 10/100:

Today I've been working with Promises in #JavaScript. I haven't needed to use them until recently so I decided to dig in and explore them more.


Day 9/100:

I've been working on a #javascript project from a month ago that used traditional functions. I've been replacing them with arrow functions and using the arrow function return shortcut where I can.


Day 8/100:

Working with the #Mapbox api today on a #vue app. They have incredible #vue documentation. It's better than a lot of the documentation I see for most #javascript projects.


Day 7/100:

I've been implementing an #API into a #javascript application I built and just discovered the Network tab in the #Chrome Dev Tools. I can't believe I didn't know about this before. Really helpful when tracking what #http requests are being made.


Day 6/100:

I was messing around with a new #rubyonrails app and was struggling with my seeds file. I remembered that I need to add ! after create to make sure it crashes and gives errors so I could debug it.


Day 5/100:

Today I worked on refactoring an app I'd previously written in #javascript with Class syntax. It's much cleaner and all my functions are easier to read.


Day 4/100:

Building a #VueJS front end for a blog #Rails app I wrote a while back. I've never tried to throw #Bootstrap and a theme into Vue before! Crossed fingers


Day 3/100:

I've been working on building a simple hangman game in #javascript. I did something similar in #ruby a few months ago so it's interesting to see how each language treats classes/objects.


Day 2/100:

Today I'm learning about prototypal inheritance in JavaScript. It's a bit different than in Ruby on Rails so it's been fun to tackle. I like using JavaScript for something outside of the browser.

#100DaysOfCode #javaScript #react

Day 1/100:

I'm publicly committing to the 100DaysOfCode Challenge starting today! Learn More and Join me! #100DaysOfCode



Today I learned that when building a Vue app your .vue files will almost always consist of:



Today I learned about CSS styleing. The * selector in a CSS file will be applied to everything in the document.

* {
 color: red;


Today I learned about closure in JavaScript. I've been using it with async code recently.

const createTipper = (tip) => {
  return (total) => {
    return tip * total

const tip25 = createTipper(.25)


Today I learned I can code and watch UFC at the same time! Built two crud functions for a new project while watching UFC 254!


Today I learned about the Subclass syntax in JavaScript. Similar to Rails inheritance it allows you to create a class that shares some of the properties of an existing class but you can also give it new properties that only that subclass will have.

class Person {
constructor (firstName, lastName) {
  this.firstName = firstName
  this.lastName = lastName

class Employee extends Person {
  constructor (firstName, lastName, title) {
    super(firstName, lastName)
    this.title = title


Today I learned Class syntax in JavaScript. It is consitered to be clearner than other using the prototype object syntax.

class Hangman { 
  constructor(word, allowedGuesses) {
    this.word = word.toLowerCase().split("");
    this.allowedGuesses = allowedGuesses;
    this.guessedLetters = [];
    this.status = "playing";
  getPuzzle() {
    let puzzle = "";
    this.word.forEach((letter) => {
      if (this.guessedLetters.includes(letter) || letter === " ") {
        puzzle += letter;

      } else {
        puzzle += "*";

    return puzzle;

Rather than:

const Hangman = function (word, allowedGuesses) {
  this.word = word.toLowerCase().split("");
  this.allowedGuesses = allowedGuesses;
  this.guessedLetters = [];
  this.status = "playing";

Hangman.prototype.getPuzzle = function () {
  let puzzle = "";
  this.word.forEach((letter) => {
    if (this.guessedLetters.includes(letter) || letter === " ") {
      puzzle += letter;

    } else {
      puzzle += "*";

  return puzzle;


Today I learned about OOP and prototypal inheritance in JavaScript.

const Person = function (firstName, lastName, age) {
  this.firstName = firstName  
  this.lastName = lastName
  this.age = age

Person.prototype.getBio = function () {
  return `${this.firstName} is ${this.age}.`

const me = new Person("Taylor", "Dorsett", 28)


Today I learned about the .split function in JavaScript

let word = "hello"
let splitWord = word.split("")


Today I learned about type coercion in JavaScript.

const value = false + 12

is 12.

const value = true + 12

is 13 because true becomes 1 and false becomes zero.


Today I learned about truthy and falsy.

if (todo !== undefined) {
  todo.completed = !todo.completed


if (todo) {
  todo.completed = !todo.completed


Today I learned about arrow functions in JavaScript. Best used with one line functions that return something. You do not need to use curly brackets.

const square = (num) => num * num


Today I learned about catching and throwing errors in JavaScript.

const gradeCalc = function (studentScore, maxScore) {
  if (typeof studentScore !== "number" || typeof maxScore !== "number") {
    throw Error("Inputs must both be numbers!")
  const studentGrade = (studentScore / maxScore) * 100
  let letterGrade = ""

  if (studentGrade >= 90) {
    letterGrade = "A"
  } else if (studentGrade >= 80) {
    letterGrade = "B"
  } else if (studentGrade >= 70) {
    letterGrade = "C"
  } else if (studentGrade >= 60) {
    letterGrade = "D"
  } else {
    letterGrade = "F"
  return (`You got an ${letterGrade}. (${studentGrade}%)`)

try {
  const result = gradeCalc("purple", 100)
} catch (e) {


Today I learned about JavaScripts strict mode. It prevents some issues like leaked vars.

"use strict"
let data = ""
const processData = () => {
  data = "13123123"

runs while

"use strict"
const processData = () => {
  data = "13123123"

does not.


Today I learned how to display dates in JavaScript.

const now = new Date("January 21 2001 6:25:01")
const timestamp = now.getTime()

console.log(`Year: ${now.getFullYear()}`)
console.log(`Month: ${now.getMonth()}`)
console.log(`Day of month: ${now.getDate()}`)
console.log(`Hour: ${now.getHours()}`)
console.log(`Minutes: ${now.getMinutes()}`)
console.log(`Seconds: ${now.getSeconds()}`)


Today I learned about the !! shortcut in the terminal. I use it when I have a permission issue and need to run sudo.

sudo !!


Today I learned the window function in JavaScript. This can allow you to sync data across multiple pages.

window.addEventListener("storage", function (e) {
  if (e.key === "notes") {
    notes = JSON.parse(e.newValue)
    renderNotes(notes, filters)


Today I learned how to use UUID to generate unique ID's using JavaScript.

In your html file:

<script src=""></script>

In your JavaScript file:

  id: uuidv4(),
  completed: false,  


Today I learned about displaying in Vue.js. If you create a div with a ID that Vue.js calls, anything you include in {{ }} will run.

<div id="vue">
   <h1> {{name}} </h1>

Name is definded in your JavaScript/Vue file.


Today I learned about the defer attribute in JavaScript/HTML. If you write defer along with your script tag it will not run until the rest of the document is loaded.

<script src="index.js" defer></script>


Today I learned about /* global blank */ which will tell your ESLint to calm down.

/* global Vue */
var app = new Vue({


Today I learned about debugger. You can use debugger in your JavaScript code to see more details about your app and use the console in your browser. This also pauses the code so you can find out where the issue is in your code.


Today I learned refactoring code means changing the code so it is cleaner, more efficient, is organized in another way, but functionally runs the same.


Today I was able to finish my first problem on which has been a goal since I started programming. I finished the Two Number Sum question and had to learn how to check if my result array was empty to do so.


Today I learned how to make a checkbox in JavaScript.

    Show compleated todos: <input id="completed-checkbox" type="checkbox">


Today I learned how to set up a dropdown menu in JavaScript.

    <select id="filter-by">
        <option value="byEdited">Sort By Last Edited</option>
        <option value="byCreated">Sort By Recently Created</option>
        <option value="alphabetical">Sort Alphabetically</option>


Today I learned that if your email in git or github is incorrect your profile will not show any of the commits you make from your terminal.


Today I learned how to use the input tag in JavaScript.

<input type="text">

Gives you a box that users can input text into while,

<input type="password">

gives you a password box.


Today I learned editing text using .target in JavaScript.

document.querySelector("button").addEventListener("click", function(e) { = "Added Todo"

This allows one to change the text of a button after it has been pressed by the user.


Today I learned about using .addEventListener in JavaScript. This allows you to interact with the user in the broswer.

document.querySelector("button").addEventListener("click", function() {
    console.log("the user clicked")


Today I learned how to load JavaScript into an HTML file using a <script> tag.

<script src="notes_app.js"></script>

This is will call the notes_app.js file.


Today I learned create actions in HTML require building a #new route to build a form and then a #create action to actually create the photo.


Today I learned how to use Live Server. It allows you to host html and other docutments and will auto update when you save your file. It is a simple and easy way to get JavaScript in your local browser.


Today I learned about the Bypass Paywalls Chrome Extention on Github. You can check it out here:

After downloading and unzipping the folder all you have to do to install is go to your Chrome Extentions and enable Developer Mode. Then drag the folder to your Chrome Extentions page and it will load and work right away!

Of course please support journalism whenever you can.


Today I learned how to set up my blog quickly and easily using Jekyll. There is a great tutorial here:

You can find my blog at


Today I learned how to search an array in JavaScript for the index of an item using indexOf().

const notes = ["Note 1", "Note 2", "Note 3"]

console.log(notes.indexOf("Note 2"))

This will return 1 in the console.


Today I learned that the human brain takes up only 2% of human body weight but uses 20% of its energy. Thanks Snapple facts!


Today I learned about join tables. You can build a join table when the has_many and belongs_to relationship involves multiple ID's. This allows you to associate things that would otherwise be difficult or restrictive.


Today I learned about before_actions in Ruby.

before_action :authenticate_admin, except: [:index, :show]

If you write the method authenticate_admin in your app contoller this allows you to select what you are allowing users and admins to do in your app.


Today I learned about creating array's in JavaScript.

const notes = ["note 1", "note 2", "note 3"]
let books = ["Book 1", "Book 2", "Book 3"]


Today I learned about terminal aliases

code ~/.bash_profile
alias clr="clear"


Today I learned about const in JavaScript. This allows you to create a variable that cannot be changed. This improves code readability.

const isRaining = true
isRaining = false // This code will not change isRaining to false and will cause an error when run


Today I learned about Math in JavaScript.

let num = 105.9073



Today I learned about built in JavaScript methods like .toUpperCase and .length

let name = "Taylor Dorsett"



Today I learned you can write functions within JavaScript objects.

let resturant = {
    name: "Half Sour",
    guestCapacity: 75,
    guestCount: 0,
    checkAvailability: function (partySize) {
    let seatsLeft = this.guestCapacity = this.guestCount
    return partySize <= seatsLeft


Today I learned about changing data in objects in JavaScript.

let myBank = {
  name: "Taylor Dorsett,
  balance: 356
myBank.balance = 1000000



Today I learned that no mater how many games of tennis I play with my Partner I will never win.

while true
  taylor_win_tennis = false


Today I learned about REST naming conventions

"/photos" => "photos#index"

display a list of all photos - All REST API's should be the same.


Today I learned about datebase migrations and change comands in Ruby

def change
  change_column :products, :price, :integer


Today I learned about Validation in Ruby

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  validates :name, :unquicness => true


Today I learned about template strings

let name = "Robert"
let age = 29

console.log(`I have a friend named ${name} who is ${age}.`)

This is similar to interpolation in Ruby.


Today I learned about default arguments in JavaScript

let getScoreText = function (name, score) {

returns undefined twice while

let getScoreText = function (name, score = 0) {


returns undefined and 0.


Today I learned the nothingness of a black hole generates a sound in the key of B flat.

Thanks Snapple Facts!


Today I learned about Global and Local scope in JavaScript

let name = "Taylor"

if (true) {
   let name = "Dorsett"

// Dorsett is printed


Today I learned about responsive HTML templates that are easy and free to use.


Today I learned that github will host one page for you for free at


Today I learned JavaScript uses dot notion when calling objects.

console.log(`${myBook.title} by ${}`)


Today I learned not to post my API key's on Github and how to put my API Key in my bash profile.

export OPEN_WEATHER_API_KEY= api key


Today I learned about Inheritance in Classes.

class Employees

class Manager < Employee


Today I learned how to check what version of a programming language you have installed

# list whatever language you want to check

node -v


Today I learned how to initialize Git and have it push to a GitHub Repository

git init

git add --all
git commit -m "commit message"


Today I learned about ruby's .each method

numbers = [1, 3, 4]
numbers.each do |number|
  puts number
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