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These are the Visual Studio extensions I'm more or less actively using. Descriptions are from the VSIX where I had nothing else to say. All are free (usually open source) on the VS gallery, except where marked as commercial.
Provides a toolbar dropdown box to switch between startup projects. -- VS 2015 has that too, but that doesn't recognize F# projects
Productivity Power Tools 2015
Color coded document tabs by file extension or project, various information in the scroll bar, column guides, etc.
Augments Visual Studio's built-in difference viewer with 'from' and 'to' revision sliders. Accessible from the 'Tools' menu, CodeLineage allows easy access to a cumulative diff view between file revisions. Supports SVN, Perforce, Git and Mercurial.
Stops a solution build immediately after a project has failed to build.
Format document on save, C# class structure overview with Drag & Drop reordering etc.
Set multiple carets with Alt+Click, make the same edits in all places.
Paket for Visual Studio
Manage your Paket dependencies from Visual Studio!
Git Diff Margin
Git Diff Margin displays live changes of the currently edited file on Visual Studio 2010+ margin and scroll bar.
Smooth Caret
Smooth caret movement effect for the Visual Studio text editor. (As in newer Office versions; a bit sluggish on large solutions.)
Visual F# Power Tools
Better syntax highlighting, refactoring, linting etc. for F#
Navigate through tabs-as-spaces as if they were actually tabs.
Color matching braces, color highlighting of current C# block, enhanced keyword highlighting
Target Framework Migrator
Change all your .Net projects Target Framework at once
Manage localization of all ResX-Based resources in one place. Shows all resources of a solution and let''s you edit the strings and their localizations in a well-arranged data grid.
Color output for build and debug windows.
Export Extensions 2015.1
Provides an ability to Import/Export the list of Visual Studio extensions
ReSharper (commercial)
Refactoring, navigation, inspection etc.; no F# support
NCrunch (commercial)
Very advanced continuous test runner
OzCode (commercial)
Massively enhanced debugging UI/information; no F# support
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