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mikepfeiffer / gist:6f9e6cac7607fc365874cd7d31dbb141
Last active Jun 5, 2019
Example to Create AWS ELB, Launch Config, and Auto Scaling Group
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aws elb create-load-balancer \
--load-balancer-name MyELB \
--listeners Protocol=TCP,LoadBalancerPort=80,InstanceProtocol=TCP,InstancePort=80 \
--subnets subnet-46e6506c subnet-57b8010f \
--scheme internet-facing \
--security-groups sg-aec570d4
aws autoscaling create-launch-configuration \
--launch-configuration-name MyLC \
--key-name virginia \
sente / reddit.html
Created Apr 28, 2011
An example of a retrieving data from reddit's JSON(p) api using jquery
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<!DOCTYPE html>
Stuart Powers
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