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Created June 21, 2022 19:33
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Final Cut Pro Trial Reset
mv -v ~/Library/Application\ Support/.ffuserdata ~/.Trash
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hey there! can you help me set this on my Macbook, please? my 90 days trial ended and I do not have access to my files!

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you should just be able to run the command above in Terminal, and that should renew the trial.

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Another way that may be useful:

  1. Open Finder and open > libraries > application support
  2. Then open terminal and type:
    1 defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true
    2 killall Finder
  3. Then go back to Finder and find .ffuserdata file and delete it. Now the trial should be reseted to 90 days.

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TehBrian commented May 27, 2023

To show hidden files (which is what the defaults command does), you can also just press Cmd+Shift+. at the same time in any Finder window.

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