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meteor deploy cake task
exec = require('child_process').exec
ssh = require 'NodeSSH'
scp = require 'scp'
deploy = (host, name, pass, path, start = true, port=3001) ->
client = new ssh host, name, pass
console.log 'connecting to server'
client.connect ->
client.once 'data', ->
console.log 'cleaning old code'
client.write "cd #{path}\r\n"
client.write 'rm -rf bundle\r\n'
console.log "creating bundle for deploy"
exec 'meteor bundle myapp.tgz', {}, ->
console.log "bundle created, uploading to server"
scp.send file: 'myapp.tgz', user: name, password: pass, host: host, path: path, ->
client.write 'tar -xzf myapp.tgz\r\n'
console.log 'unpacking files'
client.write 'rm myapp.tgz\r\n'
client.write 'cd bundle/server\r\n'
client.write 'rm -rf node_modules/fibers\r\n'
client.write 'npm install fibers\r\n'
client.write "cd #{path}\r\n"
if start
client.write 'forever stopall'
client.write "PORT=#{port} MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost forever start #{path}/bundle/main.js\r\n"
client.write 'exit\r\n'
task 'deploy', ->
deploy 'ваш хост', 'имя пользователя', 'пароль', 'путь до папки на сервере', 'перезапускать или нет сервер', 'порт'
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