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The-Fireplace / WHY NO
Last active Aug 24, 2021
A brief summary of why I am no longer supporting Forge

So, as I update mods and switch more of them over to Fabric, I'm sure I'll frequently get asked "Will you port to Forge" or "Why not Forge," so I figured I'd make a document explaining why and link to it instead of typing up the explanation every time.

The Short Version

Maintaining mods for two different mod loaders is time consuming, and when choosing between them, Fabric is the clear choice to me. The lead developer of Forge, LexManos, has essentially told me he will not support features that allow me to update at least one of my mods past 1.12.2, and on top of that, he did so very rudely while treating me like a complete idiot for trying to make it possible to continue using Forge for that mod. I am not the only person he has treated in this manner, and I do not support this kind of toxic behavior.

But how does Fabric compare to Forge?

I've considered this too, and it is generally more flexible in terms of what I can do with it, and more lightweight. In addition, it has several performance mods whic

The-Fireplace / Clans Config Formula Guide.txt
Last active Apr 9, 2020
A quick guide to formulas in the config for the Clans Minecraft mod.
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Supports operators + - * / ^ as well as parenthesis ()
m gets replaced with the clan's current raid reward multiplier, or 1 if increasing rewards are disabled.
c gets replaced with the clan's current claim count.
f gets replaced with the clan's economy account balance.
p gets replaced with the clan's member count.
d gets replaced with the number of defenders the raid had, if applicable, or the number of online clan members in survival mode otherwise.
w gets replaced with the average Win-Loss Ratio of the raiding party, if applicable, or 1 otherwise.
If you just want a constant value, that works too! Just put the number you want to set it to as the formula.
The-Fireplace / example.json
Last active Nov 10, 2015 — forked from LexManos/example.json
Forge Update JSON file.
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"homepage": "",
"promos": {
"1.8-latest": "",
"1.8-recommended": ""
"1.8": {
"": "fry: Fix color multiplier applied incorrectly for items.\nfry: OBJ loader: fixed another whitespace-related issue; removed unused "modifyUVs" property for now; added the "flip-v" property to switch between OpenGL-style and DirextX-style model UVs; fixed normals - they are now correct in-world, still a bit strange for the items; fixed normals a little bit for B3D models too.",
"": "fry: Fixed normal calculation for vanilla models, fixed the grass darkening and simular issues.\nfry: More lighting fixes, flat lighting now works correctly for grass and torches."