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The-Quill/basic.poke Secret

Created Jun 15, 2016
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PokeScript basic example
You were challenged by Trainer Brock
Brock's Onix used Growl "woof"
You caught a wild Magikarp
Nickname it "Salmon"
Stat Attack is 38
Stat Defence is 64
Stat SpecialDefence is 44
Stat SpecialAttack is 42
Attribute Trainer is Quill
function Pokemon(value) { = value;
this.prototype.toString = function () {
function Brock(){
var Magikarp = new Pokemon(Salmon || "Salmon");
Magikarp.Attack = 38;
Magikarp.Defence = 64;
Magikarp.SpecialDefence = 44;
Magikarp.SpecialAttack = 42;
Magikarp.Trainer = 'Quill';

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@ConorOBrien-Foxx ConorOBrien-Foxx commented Jul 12, 2016

Make Pokemon have an alive property, and make Fight <pokemon> => while(<pokemon>.alive){. Then it could have some TC ability... given there's a way to set some other stuff as well.

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