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Last active June 30, 2016 02:19
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something like this
import request from 'request-promise'
class Task {
this.func = func
this.deferredTask = null;
set subTask(task){
this.deferredTask = task;
async materialise(...options){
var result;
if (this.func instanceof Task){
result = await this.func.materialise(...result)
} else {
result = await this.func(...options)
if (this.deferredTask instanceof Task){
return await this.deferredTask.materialise(...result)
return await this.deferredTask(...result)
function a(...options){
return request(...options)
async function b(results){
return await results
var aTask = new Task(a({
gzip: true,
url: ''
aTask.subTask = b;
var bTask = new Task(aTask);
bTask.subTask = b;
(async function(){
let r = await bTask.materialise()
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