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Fix Windows vs. Linux/OSX/POSIX case sensitive filename issues with Microsoft .NET resource files (resx)
set -o errexit # Exit on most errors (see the manual)
set -o errtrace # Make sure any error trap is inherited
set -o nounset # Disallow expansion of unset variables
set -o pipefail # Use last non-zero exit code in a pipeline
#set -o xtrace # Trace the execution of the script (debug)
for resfile in */*.resx ; do
resfilereal=$(realpath ${resfile})
resfiledir=$(dirname ${resfile})
echo "Found Resex file ${resfile}" #(resfilereal=${resfilereal} resfiledir=${resfiledir}"
cd "${resfiledir}"
find * -type f -print0 | sed -e 's/\//\\\/\\\//g' | sed -e 's/\./\\\\./g' | xargs -0 --no-run-if-empty --replace="." -I{} sed --in-place 's/>{};/>{};/gI' "${resfilereal}"
cd "${root}"
dos2unix "${resfilereal}"
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