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// other tests
it('should toggle the component when it\'s open and ESC is pressed', (done) => {
vm = createTest(CpColorPicker, defaultProps)
vm.isOpen = true
Vue.nextTick(() => {
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// Types.
import {
} from '../mutation-types'
// Default state.
const state = {
items: []
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<div class="notifications">
<notification-item v-for="item in notificationsItems" v-if="$index === 0" :item="item" :index="$index"></notification-item>
// Imports.
import notificationItem from './notificationItem'
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<div class="notification" :class="classList" transition="notification">
<div class="notification__progress"></div>
<div class="notification__close" @click="remove">
<div class="bar"></div>
<div class="bar"></div>
<div class="notification__icon-area">
{{{ icon }}}
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<div class="input" :class="classList">
<label for="{{ id }}" class="input__label" @click="activate">{{ label }}<span class="required" v-if="required"> *</span></label>
<input id="{{ id }}" type="{{ type }}" class="input__input" required="{{ required }}" v-model="value | formatInput" @focus="activate" @blur="deactivate" :value="val"></input>
<div class="input__error" v-if="hasValue && !isValid" transition="input-error">{{ error }}</div>
// Helpers.
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import Vue from 'vue'
import VueRouter from 'vue-router'
import VueResource from 'vue-resource'
import App from './App'
import view from './components/view'
Vue.config.debug = true
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Hi there,
I'm a customer of Teksavvy, an internet provider who (in my area) uses the Rogers network to provide their services.
Recently Teksavvy was hit for a large number of outages (7) in a short period of time (5 days), some of which required their vendor (Rogers) to fix, or help fix, the actual issues.
However, Rogers is a direct competitor of Teksavvy and because there are no existing SLA's, they have very little to no incentive to help out their competitors, even though they have sold their network capacity to them.
This is not only an unfair situation to a company like Teksavvy (being dependant on your competitor without the competitor having incentive to assist in issues on their own network, affecting their competitor), but more importantly, it means that I as a consumer experience a lower quality of service.
As I am free to chose my service provider, but I am still in large part dependant on one of their much larger competitors, I need to be protected as a consumer from this problem.
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<article class="product" transition="test" stagger="200">
<div class="product__name">
{{ }}
<div class="product__price">{{ getTotal | currency }}</div>
<!-- <span class="product__price" v-if="product.pricing.length === 1">{{ product.pricing[0].price | currency }}</span>
<select class="product__price" v-else>
<option v-for="(index, price) in product.pricing">{{ getTotal | currency }}</option>
</select> -->
View gist:3914fef3a6989851acff
// This is how I setup my store, but I'm unsure how to enable Hot Reloading for reducers.
// I feel it might have something to do with the middleware.
// Setup the middleware and create the store.
const loggerMiddleware = createLogger()
let middleWare = [thunkMiddleware, loggerMiddleware]
const finalCreateStore = compose(