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Pie sGSI AB - Notes

[DISCONTINUED][PQ3A][August] Pie sGSI for AB Devices - NOTES (Including MI A1)



Table of contents


System Image

Latest System image: PQ3A.190801.002 (August Patch)

System image: PQ3A.190705.001 (July Patch)

System image: PQ3A.190605.003 (June Patch)

System image: PQ3A.190505.001 (May Patch)

System Image: PQ2A.190405.003 (April Patch)

System image: PD2A.190115.029 (March Patch)

System image: PQ2A.190305.002 (March Patch)

System image: PQ2A.190205.003 (February Patch)

System image: PQ1A.190105.004 (January Patch)


  • SELinux is in permissive mode
  • In some system images, Now playing isn't working
  • Other (It depends on your device / vendor)

Play Services

Once booted system, you need to install Play Services APK


  • GCam 5.1: Here
  • Gcam 6.1: Here
  • Gcam Settings Fix (Magisk): Here


In order to install Magisk on Pie, download stable Magisk 18.1 and flash in TWRP. once booted, if app not showing, install Magisk 7.1.2


To enable Navbar flash Navbar Enabler on Magisk

If you want to have the new Swipe up on home button, go to settings > System > Gestures > Swipe up on home button

Home Button Fix For users who doesn't work Assistant from the Home button:

Open Settings > Apps > More > Default Apps > Assist App > Select Google

Google Sans

Download and flash both files from here via TWRP, then reboot to system

If u want to return to stock Roboto font. Flash thiz zip in TWRP

Battery Drain

If you are getting unusual battery drain, disable ADB (USB debugging) in developer options.

Pixel 2 BootAnimation

Flash this module on Magisk

Custom DPI

Go to Settings > dev options > Look for smallest width

Enable MTP

Enable developer settings

Scroll down to select Default USB Configuration

Select File Transfer

Force Google Backup

Enable Debugging/ADB on phone

Enter the following ADB commands from your PC/shell

adb shell bmgr run bmgr backupnow --all


I recommend using Lawnchair Launcher V2 with QuickSwitch, it is basically a Pixel Launcher with many more customization

Download Lawnchair V2 - Telegram Channel

QuickSwitch is on magisk repository


In order to use Substratum themes on Android Pie, you'll have to follow these steps:

Use the latest beta build from substratum ci channel (

Make sure the theme you're using supports Pie.

Select the overlays you wish to install

Select Build & Enable from the FA

Reboot, go to Manager and change overlay states

Double SIM Icon Fix

  1. Download System UI Tuner and select Status Bar
  2. Search CDMA ERI ICON and change value NOTE: You need to do every reboot

Pixel Live Wallpapers

Call Screening

Download and install latest Phone APK

Download CallScreening Enabler and flash in Magisk

Reboot your phone

Open settings Phone app, you will see the option "Call Screen"

Downloads (MI A1 only)

Youtube Tutorials

System Image

Vendor Image

POST-sGSI (By Stallix)


Treble TWRP (By CosmicDan)



  • Mi A1 Props = Ok Google working + Fingerprint swipe fixes, Less FC on Mi A1 & Mi A2 Camera modules + Playground FC
  • P3XL Props = Pixel 3 XL in about phone + Pixel 3 XL apps available for updating in Play Store
  • P3XL Exclusives = P3XL Props stuff + additional permissions + some prebuilt system apps + Smart Compose will enable, Flip To Shhh and Active edge will appear



Fix No Signal - No SIM

How to update the files


  1. Wipe System
  2. Flash System Image as System Image
  3. Reboot


  1. Wipe Vendor
  2. Flash Vendor
  3. Mount Vendor
  4. Flash POST-sGSI 1
  5. Flash POST-sGSI 2
  6. Reboot


  1. Flash
  2. Reboot


Some special thanks

  • ErfanAbdi for creating Pie sGSI project
  • Stallix for some modules/fixes and POST-sGSI for MI A1
  • Special thanks to Shreyas S for helping me to port GSI images when I was busy
  • DeanJenson for NoSIMFIx and some guides / fixes
  • Denzel for some guides
  • Prochy for Dark Pixel 2 BootAnimation

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