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Feature: Login with the ChatApp account
As a ChatApp user
I want to login with my ChatApp credentials
So that I can chat with my friends
Business Criteria:
* A user can login with correct email pass combo
* A user can use passwords of format xyz
* A user can use their email, username or phone number to login
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The Backstory

The internet has changed significantly since it erupted awkwardly into the global consciousness in the mid 90s.

However, there was always a barrier to entry. This was as much a technical one as it was an educational one. Common standards for building websites took a while and companies were often hosting either on their own servers or on server farms. Cue, the 'cloud'.

With the advent of cloud technologies platforms such as AWS and Azure were designed to provide a technical foundation upon which to build a product or service without needing the expertise to build the foundation in the first place. And so, companies that previously hosted content on servers or server farms started moving over to the cloud.

The clouds themselves are expanding all the time as evidenced in AWS. The number of tools available via the foundations are growing fast. As a result new products and services are emerging from these platforms all the time. This is why I think of these as 'Emergence Platforms'. They are

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Feature: A Client can GET a SECTOR resource
As a Client
I want to get a sector
So that I can evaluate what needs to be modified
Given the system knows about the following sector:
| sector id | sector name | sector url |
| 1 | Oil & Gas | |
And the client creates a new SECTOR request
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"designations" : [
{"name":"The Andromeda Galaxy"},
"observationEpoch" : "J2000",
"pronunciation" : "/ænˈdrɒmᵻdə/",
"constellation" : "Andromeda",
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%YAML 1.2
name: Plain Text
file_extensions: [txt]
scope: source.c
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For proper splitting of objects see here:
For faking data:
JSON Schema:
"$schema": "",
"title": "Account Data",
"description": "All information pertaining to a single account",
"type": "object",
"properties": {
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View LSETradedCompanies.csv
All Asia Asset Cptl AAA
Albemarle & Bond Hldgs ABM
Aberdeen Asset Mngmnt ADN
Alecto Minerals ALO
Amphion Innovations AMP
Africa Oilfield AOL
Alpha Strategic APS
Arbuthnot Banking ARBB
Arden Partners ARDN
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print a string and status with correct number of periods
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function printStatus () {
lineLength=`tput cols`;
periodLength=$((lineLength - stringLength - statusLength));
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Feature: Login
Login can be performed with validated email
User stays on login page with wrong username/pass
Scenario: Correct Email Pass Combo
Given User Exists
And User has <email>
And User has <password>
When User attempts to login
Then they are given access to the service
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