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TheNotary / setup-users.groovy
Created April 10, 2019 14:31 — forked from wiz4host/setup-users.groovy
jenkins init.groovy.d script for configuring users
import jenkins.*
import hudson.*
import com.cloudbees.plugins.credentials.*
import com.cloudbees.plugins.credentials.common.*
import com.cloudbees.jenkins.plugins.sshcredentials.impl.*
import hudson.plugins.sshslaves.*;
import hudson.model.*
import jenkins.model.*
TheNotary / bucket_sync_service.rb
Created November 27, 2015 01:24 — forked from bantic/bucket_sync_service.rb
ruby class to copy from one aws s3 bucket to another
require 'aws/s3' # gem name is 'aws-sdk'
class BucketSyncService
attr_reader :from_bucket, :to_bucket, :logger
attr_accessor :debug
DEFAULT_ACL = :public_read
# from_credentials and to_credentials are both hashes with these keys:
# * :aws_access_key_id