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Ryan Hickman TheRyanHickman

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Job Title Role Company Size Industry Visits to website in past 7 days Visits to website in past 30 days Number of emails received Number of emails clicked Days to Close
Founder Executive 10 SaaS 4 12 3 1 10
CEO Executive 2 SaaS 5 2 3 1 7
Sales Coordinator VP 20 Marketplace 3 2 4 2 3
TheRyanHickman / process.csv
Last active Jan 2, 2019
App development process
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process description
idea coming up with the idea; core functionality and fleshing out the backbone of the app
acceptance criteria defining what is conisdered done
designing the stack deteremining the backend instrastructure of the application
design interative enhancements to get the design to look and feel the right way
testing properly testing each feature agaist the acceptance criteria
measuring and analytics installing the scripts and features needed to allow the app to be tracked in analytics tools marketing tools and other utilities
TheRyanHickman / Signup.jsx
Created Nov 30, 2018
Sign up generated by CraneAi
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import React from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
import {
Container, Content, Text, Form, Item, Label, Input, Button,
} from 'native-base';
import { Actions } from 'react-native-router-flux';
import Loading from './Loading';
import Messages from './Messages';
import { translate } from '../../i18n';
import Header from './Header';
TheRyanHickman / gist:e0563d6465f29a6c0f0608525cdb8b55
Last active Nov 16, 2018
AI Created Todo view created by AI
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import React from 'react';
import { connect } from 'react-redux';
import { bindActionCreators } from 'redux';
import { Row,
Col ,
TheRyanHickman / upload-snippet.js
Last active May 17, 2017
Saving a file with Node Js
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/** Needed dependencies to make this work */
const request = require("request")
const fs = require('fs');
function saveFile(remoteFilePath)
/** Create folder path aligned to the category of the image, you may nest /uploads/[category] */
var folderPath = __dirname + "/folderPath"
var filename = folderPath + "/" + (new Date().getTime()).toString() + "-snapchat-chat.jpg"
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var tabGroup = Titanium.UI.createTabGroup({
var win1 = Titanium.UI.createWindow({
title:'Tab 2',
navBarHidden: true,
tabBarHidden: true,
TheRyanHickman / gist:9ec57d3f743562eb1528
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Schedule a background job via cloud code
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* Parse Background Jobs via Rest API Scheduler Cloud Module
* @name Ryan Hickman
* Cloud Module for scheduling parse background jobs via rest api as a message queue
* To use this Cloud Module in Cloud Code, start by requiring
* the <code>mailgun</code> module and initializing it using your
* Mailgun domain name and api key.
TheRyanHickman / gist:a471674792f61453dd95
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Using facebook connect with Parse + Appcelerator on Android
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var parseLoginCheck = function(APP_ID, REST_KEY, u, p, success, error) {
/* ******************************************
* Alternative Login for Parse (Android Specific)
TheRyanHickman / gist:11407215
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Ajax Page Loader
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checkjQuery = false;
jQueryScriptOutputted = false;
//Content ID
var AJAX_content = 'contenuto';
//Search Class
var AJAX_search_class = 'form-search';
var AJAX_ignore_string = new String('#, /wp-, .pdf, .zip, .rar');
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