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View Sample 1 (mutable Placement).java
// Game
public class Game {
private final Grid grid;
private final PlacementError placementError;
private Mark playingMark;
public Game(PlacementError placementError) {
grid = new Grid();
playingMark = Mark.x();
View ToTitleCase.cs
// Inefficient, but interesting "string to title case" implementation using Linq.
"some text"
.Split(' ')
.Select(word => char.ToUpper(word[0]) + word.Remove(0, 1).ToLower())
.Aggregate((result, nextValue) => result + ' ' + nextValue);
// The first thing I did was generalize the "orders have free shipping to Australia" concept
// to "orders adjust their shipping charges in some way".
// I wouldn't want Order to get cluttered with lots of shipping rules.
// Instead of doing this in constructor, it could instead have a method like
// order.adjustShipping(shippingAdjustments).
public void whenCreatingAnOrder_AdjustsShippingCharges() {
ShippingAdjustments mockedShippingAdjustments = mock(ShippingAdjustments.class);
Country mockedCountry = mock(Country.class);
Order order = new Order(mockedCountry, mockedShippingAdjustments, other, parameters);
'a' asJQuery each: [ :index :value |
value asJQuery on: 'click' do: [ :event |
event preventDefault.
window alert: 'I am link #' , index
// Does it matter?
// Testing turnRight() this way tests the behavior in terms of
// another method on the same object.
// Possible problems:
// - We need to implement the other method first.
// - We need to call another method in order to verify that turnRight behaves correctly.
public void WhenTurningRight_IfPlaced_ShouldMoveInDirectionRightOfStartWhenMoved() {
View Factory
// Original implementation
public class ConsoleCommandSource implements CommandSource {
private final Console console;
private final TextParser textParser;
public ConsoleCommandSource(final Console console, final TextParser textParser) {
this.textParser = textParser;
this.console = console;
View MovesReceiver Functional Parameter
public interface MovesReceiver {
void path(final MoveCount moveCount,
final Consumer<PathDirection> pathDirectionConsumer,
final Consumer<CollisionRule> collisionRuleConsumer);
void step(final Consumer<StepDirection> stepDirectionConsumer,
final Consumer<CollisionRule> collisionRuleConsumer);
View MovesReceiver Builder
public interface MovesReceiver {
PathBuilder path(final MoveCount moveCount);
StepBuilder step();
public class MoveCount {
private final int number;
View PrintNFibonacciIterative.cpp
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main ()
unsigned long previousNthFibNumber = 0,
nthFibNumber = 1,
sum = 0,
TheSecretSquad / BowlingTest.cs
Created May 2, 2014
Bowling Score Calculator Kata from Alternative Design Question -
View BowlingTest.cs
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting;
namespace ScratchPadTest
public class BowlingTest