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Working from home

Ittussarom Ynohtna TheTechRobo

Working from home
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TheTechRobo / log.txt
Last active Jun 1, 2020
Create A Log in Python
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Here is a website that shows you how to make a log :
TheTechRobo / accessSyllable.txt
Created Aug 27, 2019
If Syllable's servers are down.... (which they always are)
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Syllable's servers have been down for at least a year — look at the Wayback Machine
If they are still down ( then go to this website:*/
and choose a snapshot that is blue. The newest one that worked for me is
(2017 September)
TheTechRobo / backToNormal.bat
Last active Aug 22, 2019
I suck at batch files, but these are two commands that can prank your non-techie friends :) (see the other file)
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@echo off
TheTechRobo /
Last active Jul 27, 2019 — forked from An-Nguyen1/Coin flip
Simulate as many coin flips as your computer can handle
import random
flips = int(input('how many times do you want to flip the coin? '))
outcomes = ['head','tail']
wieghts = [.5,.5]
for flip in range(flips):
h_t = random.choice(outcomes)
if h_t == 'head':
head += 1
TheTechRobo /
Last active Jul 27, 2019
lock your Mac from the CLI
import os
print("John Lockeing the computer............")
os.system('/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu\ Extras/ -suspend')
defaults write autohide-delay -float 3 && killall Dock
echo "Now your Dock, when you hide it, will take at least three seconds to reopen, for me it takes 4-5 secs."
echo "Just turn on Dock hiding and it will work"
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