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Archlinux + Docker + Pi Hole

This is a guideline on how to setup Pi Hole in ArchLinux.

For this, I used a Raspberry Pi 4b with 8gb ram, using aarch64 version of ArchLinux.

This can also be done using a Raspberry Pi Zero, though I haven't tested myself (yet).


TheZoc / sublime_text_setup.bat
Last active January 26, 2023 18:08
Sublime Text right click context menu and PATH variable setup (Windows)
@ECHO off
REM ===========================================================================
REM Sublime Text - Path and Right Click context menu
REM Felipe Guedes -
REM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
REM I've swapped my environment so many times recently, that I decided to write
REM this overengineered solution to add Sublime Text 3 to the right click menu
REM on Windows, and to add it to the current user PATH environment variable
REM allowing `subl.exe` to be easily usable from command line.
TheZoc / Setting up guide for ArchLinux on Raspberry
Last active May 3, 2024 23:08
This is a guide to setup Arch Linux in Raspberry Pi 4, using macOS as the auxiliary system.

Raspberry Pi Setup Guide

This guide will use either a macOS or an ArchLinux base system, to prepare a microSD card with Arch Linux for Raspberry Pi.

If someone managed to do the initial setup using Windows, please let me know, so I can add to this guide.

This guide will be verbose at times for some simple tasks. This is intended to help people just starting out, so it's not confusing. If something confuses you, let me know and I'll try my best to answer it.

TheZoc / setup.bat
Last active March 25, 2020 18:34
Automatic python virtual environment setup for Windows
rem ===============================================================
rem Automatic python virutal environment setup for Windows
rem Felipe "Zoc" Silveira - Apr 2019
rem ---------------------------------------------------------------
rem ===============================================================
@echo off
rem Check if we already have a venv folder. If so, stop and exit
TheZoc / snippet.cpp
Last active January 22, 2020 11:12
Q_PROPERTY with functions (Qt Creator Snippet)
Q_PROPERTY($type$ $name$ READ $name:c$ WRITE Set$name:c$ NOTIFY $name$Changed)
$type$ $private_variable$_;
$type$ $name:c$() const { return $private_variable$_; }
void Set$name:c$(const $type$& $private_variable$)
if ($private_variable$_ == $private_variable$)
TheZoc / contrast-snippet.qml
Created November 26, 2019 11:16
Qt QML High Contrast functions
// I wrote those for a dialog in QML that needed to keep high contrast while the background color could be customized
// by the user. I"m keeping it here in case I need it in the future :)
* Calculates the relative luminance of given color
* Reference:
* @param {color} color Color to calculate the relative luminance.
* @return Luminance, as a real between 0 and 1
TheZoc /
Created May 24, 2018 02:23
A small script to help revert the damage caused by crab ransomware
# .crab file fixer
# This small script was created to help a friend who got attacked by a ransomware
# I hope this helps someone else out there :)
import os
from glob import glob

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am thezoc on github.
  • I am zoc ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASA3UiCUNY2hWU1jdkqaHWLAzmws2i1M35JzRUkeQlk9cwo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

TheZoc / LUIAura-Stalker-Auras.json
Created July 26, 2017 08:01
Wildstar - Stalker Auras for LUI Aura
{"setting":{"duration":{"color":{"a":255,"r":255,"g":255,"b":255}},"border":{"sprite":"sprPP_ListGlowBase","color":{"a":255,"r":255,"g":255,"b":255},"enable":true},"auras":[{"behavior":"All","text":{"font":"CRB_Interface14_B","source":"1-Class Resource","position":"TC","align":"Center","anchor":"IB","input":"{v}"},"name":"Suit Power","triggers":[{"triggerType":"Attribute","border":{"color":{"a":255,"b":255,"g":255,"r":255}},"attributes":{"Class Resource":{"value":0,"enable":true,"percent":true,"operator":">="}},"unit":"Player","name":"Suit Power"}],"icon":{"enable":false},"bar":{"color_bg":{"a":0,"r":0,"g":0,"b":0},"color_fill":{"a":125,"r":207,"g":62,"b":244},"posY":36,"sprite_border":"border_medium","enable":true,"color_border":{"a":50,"r":0,"g":0,"b":0},"border_size":5,"posX":-200,"color_empty":{"a":50,"r":196,"g":62,"b":244},"invert":true,"source":"1-Class Resource"}},{"overlay":{"color":{"a":191.25,"r":255},"shape":"Solid","source":"1"},"duration":{"source":"2-1"},"stacks":{"posY":0,"posX":0},"interval":
TheZoc / Compile line
Created May 31, 2016 03:26
gtk-win32 VS2015 command line output
C:\gtk-build\github\gtk-win32>c:\Python27\python.exe .\ build --vs-ver 14 -p x64 gtk3 > gtk3-build-log.txt
Microsoft (R) C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 19.00.23918 for x64
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
cl ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\ ..\src\hb-ot-shape-complex