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# use your actual postgres/zodb connection details here
export PG=postgresql:///indico
export ZODB=zeo://
# use the id of your "system" user. create one first if you have none
export JANITOR_UID=123
# specify the path to your indico archive dir
export ARCHIVE=/opt/indico/archive
# specify the name of the StorageBackends indico.conf entry pointing to fs:$ARCHIVE
export ARCHIVE_BACKEND=default
indico db upgrade 25d478c9d690
indico-zodbimport $PG $ZODB global_ip_acl
indico-zodbimport $PG $ZODB global_settings
indico-zodbimport $PG $ZODB event_shorturls -q
indico-zodbimport $PG $ZODB event_papers -q --janitor-user-id $JANITOR_UID --archive-dir $ARCHIVE --storage-backend $ARCHIVE_BACKEND
indico-zodbimport $PG $ZODB event_data -q
indico-zodbimport $PG $ZODB badges_posters -q --janitor-user-id $JANITOR_UID --archive-dir $ARCHIVE --storage-backend $ARCHIVE_BACKEND
indico db upgrade
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